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Boating Restrictions Tuxedo Reservoir
Posted 6-10-16

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The Village Boat Club (VBC) is a non profit, Village of Tuxedo Park tax payer / property owner organization for the purpose of managing and providing recreational and fishing boat access to Tuxedo Park Village owned Tuxedo Lake.

Membership in the VBC is required by agreement with the Village of Tuxedo Park to access the lake, at the Village owned waterfront and docks. Shared VBC boats are available for use by members and registered private, VBC member boats must remain at the Village facility and hulls and boats must be cleaned and registered prior to being put on Tuxedo lake at the facility. Also as in any NY waters, a fishing license is required for fishing.

More information and applications can be obtained from the Village Clerk’s office and for info and questions regarding membership, rules and regulations about the club and lake use by members. A list of elected officers and contact info for 2007 are below.

• President:    Greg Libby contact phone # 351-2138
• Vice President:  Mike Santoianni day time # 351-4800
• Treasurer:   Tom Salierno
• Secretary:   Paul Gluck

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