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The Village Boat Club (VBC) is a non profit, Village of Tuxedo Park tax payer / property owner organization for the purpose of managing and providing recreational and fishing boat access to Tuxedo Park Village owned Tuxedo Lake.

Membership in the VBC is required by agreement with the Village of Tuxedo Park to access the lake, at the Village owned waterfront and docks. Shared VBC boats are available for use by members and registered private, VBC member boats must remain at the Village facility and hulls and boats must be cleaned and registered prior to being put on Tuxedo lake at the facility. Also as in any NY waters, a fishing license is required for fishing.

More information and applications can be obtained from the Village Clerk’s office and for info and questions regarding membership, rules and regulations about the club and lake use by members. A list of elected officers and contact info for 2007 are below.

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Village Boat Club - Electric Duffy Back In Service (Posted 8/28/22)

Dear Members,

The electric Duffy is back in Service.Thank you for your patience while repairs were made.


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Village Boat Club - Electric Duffy Out of Service (Posted 8/26/22)

BC Members,

Please be advised that the electric Duffy is out of service.  There is a charging issue with the battery.  We are having a mechanic repair it and will advise once the necessary repairs are made and the boat can be booked again.   Please do not book the electric Duffy until we advise that the necessary repairs have been made and it is once again available for use.

We would also like to thank David Lin and Kaiyu Ma for their very generous donation of an 18 foot electric Duffy.  It will be a great addition to the VBC.  

Thank you.


On Behalf of VBC, Sincerely,
Greg L. – President
Mike S. – Vice President
Augie S. – Treasurer
Dennis M. - Secretary

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Village Boat Club - 2022 Seson

The boating season is upon us and the VBC Board is working hard to launch the club for the 2022 season. 

            The Board met last week to discuss the upcoming season and made some adjustments to policy and fees as dictated by the VBC’s needs for 2022.  We have had a significant insurance fee increase for coverage, yet no claims have ever been made by the VBC.  Additionally, we had major damage to the primary linked dock and needed to secure all docks and rebuild and reinforce the first dock’s frame.  There were significant costs associated with the repair, including lumber and materials, but we were able to supply the labor from the board volunteers.

Once again, the VBC will need to be diligent in our dues collection, boat orientations, safety protocol and enforcement of our rules and regulations.  The following changes will be implemented for 2022.  

The cost for dock occupants is being increased to $250Electric Boat users to $200; and basic membership (does not include use of electric boats) to $150.00.   For new members joining the VBC with electric boat use the cost is $750, which includes a $300 initiation fee and a one time $250 electric boat contribution in addition to the normal dues of $200.  

Dues are to be paid no later than May 31, 2022.  Because of our increased membership, we have many tasks to undertake.  You may not book the boats or use the VBC assets until we receive your check.  

Boat orientations will take place in early May after our annual meeting.  The first month the fishing boat motor was in use last year, the prop was damaged by running over a rock and not reported by one of our members. Users of all VBC boats must familiarize themselves with the location of near surface rocks and shallow Milfoil to avoid damage. All damage incidents must be reported immediately for safety concerns and any repairs.

The VBC is a Village property owner/taxpayer organization.  Members cannot allow extended family outside of the household and friends to use the VBC facility, its boats or equipment without being present.  A member must accompany their guests and be with them on the VBC boats and site.  If you are unclear on this policy, see one of the VBC Board members.  

It is imperative that all boats owned by the VBC be cleaned thoroughly before and after use.  If you use the boats, please bring some cleaning supplies and antibacterial wipes with you and clean up after yourselves.  We are hoping to keep the boats fully operational and available all season and will need your help to do so.  A list of other needed maintenance and chore activities will be listed for members who want to assist to sign up for and perform on an occasional volunteer basis.

The VBC Board has been cleaning the boats as they come out of storage but needs a dedicated group to assist.  The four of us a unable to serve as cleaning service of the electric boats.  They require ongoing maintenance and some basic cleaning and vacuuming on a weekly basis.  We need volunteers.  If you use the duffy or fishing boat, sign up.  It is not unreasonable to ask membership to keep the two boats in good order and clean up before and after each use should assist us in providing a clean healthy experience.  

Each year we have more and more taxpayers join the VBC.  Each year our responsibility to the community grows and the services and costs increase.  But each year, the group of members who join us for work days remains the same.  If you enjoy the VBC and would like to help us improve the facility and experience, please reach out to us.  The four Board Members and a handful of others work throughout the year on projects to repair, replace, and upgrade the VBC.  

The VBC will be opening slowly as the boats are completed, orientation takes place and repairs are made.  We were able to save several thousand dollars again this year by securing a barn for storage.  

Life preservers must accompany all vessels and must be properly worn for all Kayak users for safety as well as insurance purposes regardless of any users’ skill level or swimming ability.

The VBC is also the Village’s water filtration site, and not a dog park. Clean up and take your doggy bag with you, as we the VBC or village do not dispose of any trash. Carry in and carry out policy remains.

If you sign out and use the electric boats, you are responsible for properly securing and covering the boats. The boats cannot be left for the next potential user to cover unless agreed to by both parties in person.  VBC officers do not coordinate this.

Please send your dues payable to the Village Boat Club to:

Village Boat Club

PO Box 727

Tuxedo Park, New York 10987


Dues should be received by the VBC no later than May 31, 2021.


We look forward to another great boating season at the VBC.


Thank you.