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The mission of tpfyi.com is to ensure that those who value the unique qualities of Tuxedo Park will have a source of information that is timely and relevant to the issues which are important to the future of our Village.



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TPFYI’s reporting of various municipal meetings is written by Village residents who actually attended these functions, supported by their audio recordings of such events and various public documents. TPFYI’s report of any municipal event is not to be considered an official legal record or document. TPFYI’s reporting is an independent public service providing the community with timely and accurate local municipal news.


TPFYI is flattered that several area publications and websites are now referencing, or even linking directly to, our FYI web pages. We are proud to be the only full-reporting medium covering government and community happenings in both Tuxedo and Tuxedo Park. Hits on our “Quips and Quotes” and new “Contractors List” have also risen sharply.

We pledge to continue bringing you the best in timely, accurate and important news about the place in which you live.

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Mission:  TPFYI is intent on presenting polite public discourse and opinion regarding issues of relevance to the affairs of the town of Tuxedo and the village of Tuxedo Park. However, TPFYI reserves the right to publish in full, edit, abbreviate or dismiss any submissions at its sole discretion, without specifying its reason for so doing.

Qualification: The underlying issue must be relevant and / or important to the town and  village  and  beyond that, the wider community. It must be factual to present and future circumstances and meet the tests of substantiation & verification. Factual correctness is paramount and any submission must add to the knowledge base of the issue under consideration. Individual “opinions” and “attitudes” will be excluded unless they meet the stated criteria.

Editorial Right:  Any script submitted for publication must not be inflammatory, abusive, defamatory, libelous or otherwise derogatory of any person or entity. It may be contentious but must be respectful to all and any of the involved parties.

Geography: TPFYI is willing to receive comments, letters and / or editorials from residents of the Tuxedo community and from residents in areas contiguous to the town and village. It will also consider scripts from others who can offer value to the relevant issue.

Archiving:  TPFYI would normally expect to archive any published script not later than 2-4 weeks after publication.

There is no warranty made as to the accuracy of information appearing on this website. Readers who are interested in any of the topics covered here are encouraged to pursue their own research. This website is not affiliated with any governmental agency or office. Comments received by www.tpfyi.com may or may not reflect the sentiments of the site's sponsors and the posting of submissions does not imply any endorsement or validation by those sponsors.

Subject to the sponsors' discretion, letters are eligible for publication if concise, polite, relevant to The Village of Tuxedo Park and the author identified.