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Posted 10-26-16

(Middletown, NY)-  State Senator John J. Bonacic (R/C/I) visited the Tuxedo Park Nature Preserve yesterday, where he received a tour and update on the progress being made. Restoration of nature preserve was a multi-year project funded entirely by private donations and government grants. When fully complete, the preserve will be an expansive meadow of colorful native flowers and grasses, surrounded by a healthy forest and featuring meandering footpaths that will offer all-season enjoyment and educational opportunities, and will be greatly beneficial to the ecological health of the Village.

Senator Bonacic tours the Tuxedo Park Nature Preserve with (L-R), Tuxedo Park Mayor Mary Jo Guinchard, and Tuxedo Park resident Chiu-Yin Hempel.


Race Track Nature Preserve Dedication Ceremony October 23, 2016
Posted 10-24-16

Sunday’s Race Track Nature Preserve dedication ceremony was a lovely event, enjoyed by all who attended.  Thank you to the Tree Advisory Board, the Deviners, the Tuxedo Park Garden Club, and the DPW for all of your hard work!

To learn more about this exciting, multi-year project, be sure to visit the Tree Advisory Board’s website:


Thank You To The Tuxedo Park Garden Club
Posted 10/11/16

THANK YOU to the Tuxedo Park Garden Club for all of your efforts in making the community look beautiful this fall!

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Boating Restrictions Tuxedo Reservoir
Posted 6-10-16

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What’s Happening At The Gate
Posted 6-3-16

On April 26, 2016 the Village Board of Trustees voted in favor of changing the qualifications of the gate guards so that the positions would be filled by armed law enforcement officers while simultaneously abolishing the position of Traffic Guard “as the Village has always known it” effective May 31.

Safety concerns seem to be the motivating factor behind this decision however, the Village also stands to save some money in salary and health insurance costs by making the change over to part-time officers.

On May 26 the Trustees held a special meeting for the purpose of considering extending the effective date for the abolition of Village Traffic Guard positions by up to 60 days.  At the conclusion of this meeting, no such resolution was made.

As of June 1, the Village has not hired any new part-time officers to replace the Traffic Guards that they dismissed last month. 

So who is manning the Gate you might ask??? 

The answer is……the one officer on duty. 

Because this job requires the officer to remain in The Keep, there have been limited police patrols throughout the Village since June 1.  Calls are either being forwarded to the Town of Tuxedo Police or response is delayed while the patrolling officer waits for reinforcement at The Gate.

Stay tuned to TPFYI for more information on this situation as it becomes available.


Village Surveys Residents Regarding Front Entrance
Posted 4-12-16

In your most recent mailing from the Village (this week) along with your water bill, you will find the survey pictured below, which concerns the future of the Front Gate.  It is not easy to find….it is on top of the back-side of the Mayor’s Newsletter and the print is small.  It is CRUCIAL that as many residents as possible complete this survey and submit it to the Village.  Currently, the thinking is that they will not be replacing the booth with a manned booth, but rather an empty one…while the guards will remain in the Keep as they are now.  The reasoning behind this is safety and security.  It is feared that if there were to be a shooting incident, a guard in the booth would not be able to adequately protect themselves from imminent danger.  

Regardless of your view, please take the time to seek out this survey and complete it.  The Board needs to have an accurate idea as to how the majority of residents feel before making these important decisions which truly go to the heart of this community.


Posted 10-19-15

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Posted 9-28-15

At this Monday's Village meeting a consultant for Pilgrim Pipeline, John Cassellini , will be making a presentation during Public Comments.

It will be our first opportunity to hear from a representative of Pilgrim as to their plans for the pipeline and the potential impact to our Village and the Town.

We need to demonstrate our community resolve to not have the pipeline directly in our Village and Town. Please encourage everyone you know to attend.

The Mayor has scheduled the public comment section of the meeting at approximately 8pm.

The general meeting starts at 7pm.


Village Resident Michele Lindsay Announces Her Candidacy For Town Board
Posted 7-16-15

Michele Lindsay
2 Eagle Mountain Road
Tuxedo Park, New York 10987

July 13, 2015

Dear Tuxedo Neighbors,

I am announcing my candidacy for Councilman of the Town of Tuxedo. Important decisions will be made by the Town Board that will have great impact on our community for years to come. I am motivated to ensure that those decisions will benefit all residents.
Since moving to Tuxedo Park in 1995, I have been actively involved in the community and have been in the forefront of efforts to protect our way of life from overdevelopment. I strongly believe that we can find a better solution for economic growth that is sustainable for the long-term.

Now, more than ever, is the time to move forward to promote economic growth that will benefit the Town. To that end, I am working on A Better Tuxedo, a community-wide committee that is collaborating with our Chamber of Commerce and the Orange County Citizens Foundation to establish Tuxedo as the Gateway to Orange County and our State Parks. We will encourage implementation of key components of the Update of the Comprehensive Plan that was adopted by the Town Board in 2011. I will work to secure County and State funding for projects and to ensure that the Local Development Corporation, funded by Tuxedo Farms, operates smoothly.

Mismanagement by the prior Town Board resulted in a $1 million deficit in our $10 million budget for Fiscal Year 2015.  Supervisor Rost inherited this problem and secured monies from the casino applicant to temporarily bridge this shortfall. But we still need to restructure the budget to make up any ongoing deficits.

I will dedicate my education in Mathematics at Smith College and my experience as Vice President at JP Morgan to solving our fiscal problems. My years in the Municipal Bond Department are directly applicable to the needs of the Town Board: I evaluated the creditworthiness of municipal bond issuers as an analyst; and I worked with public finance bankers in my positions as a bond trader and salesperson.  Previously I worked as a research analyst in Money Markets. My work on various non-profit boards over twenty-five years is also relevant to crisis management and problem-solving.

Tuxedo continues to be threatened by projects such as the Pilgrim Pipeline. I am actively involved in Target Tuxedo, an organization dedicated to informing residents about issues that will impact our environment. As a Board Member of Sterling Forest Partnership, I will be able to effectively use the resources that SFP has developed and to help coordinate the Town’s response. To further protect Tuxedo from unwanted development, I believe that our zoning code needs to be reviewed and strengthened.

I support Tuxedo Farms as necessary for growth in Tuxedo but oversight of the development is critical. With tonight's appointment, two Town Board Members seeking reelection this November have spouses on the Town Planning Board. I feel that the appointee is well qualified. However, despite all good intentions, I do not believe that this situation encourages the best independent decision-making, when the Town needs it the most.

Development of a united Community is my passion. Connections among the neighborhoods of Tuxedo are challenged by distances, topography and two different school districts. I believe that the efforts of A Better Tuxedo will help build a community we can be proud of.

Please support my candidacy so that I may serve all residents on the Town Board. I will need your vote to win based on merit. I vow to pledge my time, skills and energy to work for you. Thank you for your time.


Michele Lindsay


Pilgrim Pipeline Presentation July 9, 2015
Posted 7-14-15

This past Thursday, July 9, Audrey Friedrichsen Esq., Land Use and Environmental Advocate at Scenic Hudson, gave a presentation regarding the proposed Pilgrim Pipeline to the residents of Tuxedo at the invitation of the community-based action group Target Tuxedo. The proposed pipeline will carry highly volatile North Dakota Bakken oil from Albany to Linden, NJ and a part of the proposed route goes right through Tuxedo and Tuxedo Park.  This was the first in a series of presentations that will be sponsored by  Target Tuxedo. 

Following a brief introduction, Ms. Friedrichsen provided an over view of the project as it currently stands.

Click here to view this presentation.

There followed a Question & Answer session.  As it stands, details for the project have yet to be finalized, so the majority of these questions could not be answered definitively.  Issues that were touched upon include:

Construction oversight and lack of Federal Involvement
Route concerns
Involved State Agencies
Type and volatility of the material to be transported
Probability of Intermediate pumping stations
General operating concerns, regulations and oversight
Opportunities for Municipal Oversight
Possibility of changing Zoning Codes
Types of potential disasters
Private Property concerns, Property Owners rights and eminent domain concerns
Possible legal resources
Recommended Next Steps


Target Tuxedo Presents "Introduction to the Proposed Pilgrim Pipeline" Thursday, July 9 at 7pm
Posted 6-29-15

Thursday  - July 9th  - 7PM
Introduction to the Proposed Pilgrim Pipeline

Audrey Friedrichsen Esq., Land Use and Environmental Advocate at Scenic Hudson, will present information about the Pilgrim Pipeline to the residents of Tuxedo and Tuxedo Park. The proposed pipeline will carry highly volatile North Dakota Bakken oil from Albany to Linden, NJ. Part of the proposed route goes through Tuxedo and Tuxedo Park. Target Tuxedo sponsors this speaker. * 

St Mary's Episcopal Church
Fox Hill Road, Tuxedo Park
Thursday  - July 9th  - 7PM


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