BOT minutes March 21, 2007

Present: Mayor David McFadden
Trustees Lawrence Darby
Trustee Oliver Parker
Trustee Houston Stebbins

Absent: Deputy Mayor Christopher Hansen
Clerk: Deborah Matthews

Also: John Ledwith, Nancy & Jim Hays, Lucy Edwards, Susan Goodfellow, Mary Graetzer, Sally Sonne, Dena Steele, Kathy Norris, Claudio Buazzoni, Linda Miller, Greg Libby, Doug Benedict, Geoff Isales, Alan & Sue Heywood, Lesley de Vore, Daniel DeSimone, Jake Lindsay and others.

Mayor McFadden called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Public Comment Period
Speakers: Sally Spooner, Susan Goodfellow (read statement-copy attached), Kathy Norris (read statement-copy attached), Nancy Hays (read statement-copy attached), Geoff Isles (read statement-copy attached), Jim Hays, Claudio Guazzoni (read statement-copy attached), Lesley deVore (read statement-copy attached).
Comments: What is result of BST investigation, website posting and records management issue, defense of reputation, website policy, website comments and observations page, Tuxedo Club docks and permit, sale of village owned parcels, encourage adopting Design Guidelines, Tuxedo Reserve wells.

Mayor McFadden, in response to the questions about the police investigation report, stated that at this time it is client-attorney privilege and cannot be released.

Police - Copy of synopsis attached.
DPW - Copy attached
Dam Status - Trustee Parker reported that Drayton Grant, Environmental Attorney and the Village’s dam advisor, recommended some dam speciality engineers. He is in the process of setting up interviews. In addition to the Tuxedo Lake Dam, he will also have the Wee Wah Dam inspected by the engineers. Mayor McFadden asked to be included in the process.

RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees determines that it is in the best interest of the Village of Tuxedo Park and its residents and taxpayers that a study be made of the provisions of the Village Code pertaining to Lakes and Pons (Chapter 65) for the purpose of considering whether changes thereto are necessary or desirable and making recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding the same;

RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees shall, within 45 days following the date of the adoption of this resolution, appoint a panel consisting of an odd number or persons, not less than three nor more than five, all whom shall be residents of the Village to conduct such study from among persons who have expressed a willingness to serve on such panel;

RESOLVED, if there shall be such persons who are willing to so serve on such panel, that one member of the panel shall be a person designated by the Village Board Club and who is acceptable to the the Board of Trustees, one member of the panel shall be a person designated by the Tuxedo Club and who is acceptable to the Board of Trustee, and one member of the panel shall be an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of New York, who shall also act as the chairperson to the panel;

RESOLVED, that the panel shall submit to the Board of Trustees a report setting forth its recommendations not later than six months after the date when the last member of the panel is appointed by the Board of Trustees, except as the Board of Trustees may in its discretion extend such date upon the request of the panel;

RESOLVED, that the panel shall act by the vote of a majority of its members appointed by the Board of Trustees and shall adopt such rules for the conduct of tis proceedings as it shall see fit, but any vacancy on the panel shall be filled only by the Board of Trustees;

RESOLVED, that the members of the panel shall serve without compensation, but the panel shall be entitled to expend up to an aggregate of $3,000 to obtain the advice of counsel or other professional or to pay other reasonable expenses of the panel in conducting the study;

RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees shall give due consideration to but shall not be bound to adopt any of all of the recommendations of the panel contained in its report.

Vote of the Board:
Trustee Stebbins - aye
Trustee Parker - aye
Trustee Darby - aye
Mayor McFadden - no vote

The motion was passed by a 3-0 vote.

Trustee Darby stated that the adoption of this resolution will be posted on the Village Website inviting Village residents and taxpayers who are interested in serving on this panel to contact the Mayor and Board of Trustees. The Trustees will make the selection. He also stated that he and Trustee Stebbins will be the Trustee liaisons to the Lake Panel.

BOARD OF ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW APPOINTMENT - Mayor McFadden announced the appointment of Peter Ashby Howard to the BAR to replace Charlotte Worthy, filling the balance of her three-year term, which expires June 2009.

DESIGN GUIDELINES - Mayor McFadden read statement submitted by Deputy Major Hansen (no copy submitted) which endorsed adopting the Design Guidelines.

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