The Wee Wah Beach Club: Time to choose a Working Board
April 24, 2008

If you were a member of the WWBC in 2007, you should be aware that elections will shortly take place (on April 26) to select the Management Board, which is responsible for the day to day administration of this family-friendly facility, which has a ‘season’ that runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. If you have followed the local news, you will be aware that both the renewal of the lease and all of the related issues have not been without lengthy and somewhat contentious debate at meetings of the Village Board of Trustees since the first such meeting was convened more than 3 months ago. The BOT defined the parameters of the lease and also, by right, amended the voting regulations. These now require that 5 board representatives, who were members of the WWBC in 2007, are chosen strictly and only by Village residents, with a further 5 representatives being chosen under similar criteria by residents of the Hamlet.

The Village candidates for election are:

Greg Beard               Denise Gilroy
Laurie Beard            Drew Goldman
Joshua Bewlay        Mary Graetzer
Kerri Cavada            Andy Heater
Dana Farrington      Philip Lobkowicz

In a letter circulated by Greg Beard, he presents himself and his wife, and the husband/wife team of Drew Goldman and Dana Farrington on a “slate” with Philip Lobkowicz and encourages residents to vote for them as a block with the reasoning that “If we lose even one seat, we will not have the needed majority to implement improvements”. This letter raises concern over their willingness to work cooperatively. It also seems rather unusual for two husband/wife teams to run together for a working board of any corporate or non-profit organization. The other candidates include individuals who would be either new to the Board or who have years of active involvement with the WWBC.

We all know that the WWBC has managed to operate within a tight budget. The current Board is working with Village to make significant improvements that have been on their wish list for many years. Certainly, improvements are always welcome and new ideas should be encouraged. Please consider the following: While we are thankful that the Beard/Goldman/Lobkowicz team is willing to put in the long hours of this hands-on, active Board, we feel that the Village would be better served by a Board that is more fully representative of the Wee Wah Beach Club membership, perhaps including individual candidates from both the slate of Beard/Goldman/Lobkowicz and the other group of candidates.

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