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The following Bulletin was sent out to many residents via e-mail on April1, 2008

From: David McFadden <HYPERLINK "mailto:mac@mac4tux.com"mac@mac4tux.com>
Date: April 1, 2008 1:52:51 PM EDT
To: HYPERLINK "mailto:tpsr@tpSunshineReport.com"tpsr@tpSunshineReport.com
Subject: Community Watch

Dear Residents,

Please take note that there have been several home burglaries in the Park recently including last week during spring break. These cases are under active investigation by our police department specifically acting detective PO Jim Ascione. The burglaries are more than petty theft ranging in the thousands of dollars in value. Please take extra care to secure your homes and cars if you are away and to register your home on “house-watch” with the police department. Hopefully, the administration will keep us updated on this matter over time.

David C. McFadden, Publisher

The Sunshine Report
28 Pepperidge Rd.
Tuxedo Park, NY 10987

The above information is an exaggeration of the facts.  There have NOT been several burglaries in the Village recently.  According to Sgt. Ken Sanford, there has only been one burglary in recent weeks and the police believe they are on the trail of the culprit.  In fact, distribution of the above e-mail may well have impeded their investigation. The only other burglary that has occurred within the Village took place several months back and involved the theft of several television sets.

While it is always important to take the necessary precautions when leaving one’s home for an extended period of time (i.e. locking the door and notifying the police if that helps you feel more secure) residents should realize that they are not at a greater risk for theft now than they have been in the past.

At TPFYI, we believe it is irresponsible to circulate alarming and inaccurate information through e-mail that needlessly worries hundreds of residents as well as jeopardizes police efforts. We also believe that warnings such as this should originate with the appropriate security authority or Village Executives and not an unauthorized source.

Thankfully, the Board of Trustees recognizes the importance of adding two new full time officers to our police force; it is ironic that this was opposed by David McFadden. With development on the increase both in the Village and the Town there is no better time than the present to bolster our security.


Now that David McFadden has stated that the burglary referred to in his Park-wide email alert occurred at his house, TPFYI would like to add the following:
First and most importantly, we are sorry for David and Robin's loss. However it is still not appropriate to spread misleading information from an unofficial source that causes undue panic among residents.

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