Town Board Meeting October 27, 2008

The Town Board met on Monday October 27, 2008 at 7:30 pm. Councilman Darling was absent.

The meeting began with a public hearing on an Introductory Local Law entitled, “Wood-Burning Furnace Moratorium.” Supervisor Dolan explained that presently, wood-burning furnaces are not regulated by the Town. However, due to the rising cost of traditional heating methods, furnaces such as these are becoming more and more popular. During the process of providing heat, the furnaces frequently damp down and can emit smoke and soot over quite a large area. Most communities either have strict regulations for the furnaces or ban them altogether. While there are currently very few furnaces in Town, the Board wants to decide what, if any, regulations to enforce and is calling for a moratorium on any new installations during that process. The only member of the public to speak was Mike Arone of Hillary Court who owns one of the existing furnaces. He stated t hat he doesn’t think his furnace emits unacceptable amounts of smoke or soot. He was then informed that there have been two complaints from neighbors made in regard to his furnace. Supervisor Dolan commented that he has never seen a wood-burning furnace and he would like to inspect one before voting on the matter. He made arrangements to go and look at Mr. Arone’s furnace over the course of the next week. Mr. Arone reported that the DEC will be coming in the near future to monitor the smoke level and determine whether or not the amount of smoke emitted from his furnace is acceptable on his neighbor’s property.

During the Supervisor/Town Board Update, Peter Dolan state that he has been working on the budget. Councilman Castricone reminded everyone that District 2 (Laurel Ridge, Clinton Woods, Southfields and Arden) will now vote in the Sterling Forest Firehouse and not in the American Legion Hall.

The Board passed the following resolutions during the meeting:

  • A Public Hearing was scheduled for November 10, 2008 at 7:30 pm regarding the 2009 Preliminary Town Budget.
  • A Public Hearing was scheduled for November 10, 2008 at 7:30 pm regarding the 2009 Hamlet Sewer rates.
  • A Public Hearing was scheduled for November 10, 2008 at 7:30 pm regarding the Woodlands Sewer rates.
  • A resolution to consent to order laying out highway at Contractors Road. The resolution concerns an easement from Mr. deMarino and the road that leads from his property down to the Sewer Plant. This road will now be paved and maintained by the Town.
  • A resolution to appoint Supervisor Dolan as Claims Manager for 207-C Proceedings. This concerns a policeman who was hurt on the job 4 years ago. The Town is trying to put him into State retirement and hasn’t been successful as yet. They need a Claims Manager in order to proceed with the matter.
  • A resolution granting a permit for the Eagle Valley Fire Company Craft Fair which will be held on Sunday, November 2 from 9am – 5 pm in the Eagle Valley Firehouse.

Cathy Bauman, of K-9 Suites Pet Store in Southfields appeared before the Board. She is in the process of moving her business to Nolan’s Way in Arden. Earlier this year, the Board granted her permission to erect temporary banners at Nolan’s Way announcing her impending move. Now she wants to take the banners down and move them to her existing shop in Southfields as the sign currently in place there is illegible. The Board noted that they have received numerous complaints about the banners at Nolan’s Way, which have been mounted on wood and thus appear much bigger than they actually are. Since Mrs. Bauman is not currently scheduled to appear before the Planning Board with this project, the Board tabled the request until such time as she is on the Planning Board’s agenda. In the meantime, she has agreed to take down the banners and to repaint the sign on her existing store.

On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, Dale Mottola requested permission to hang wreaths strung with solar powered white lights on the posts in Town currently displaying C.O.C. banners. She brought a sample wreath to show the Board. Permission was granted.

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