Town Board Meeting August 25, 2008

The Town Board met on Monday, August 25, 2008 at 7:30 pm.
All members were present.

During his Supervisor’s Update, Supervisor Dolan announced that the Town has completed the acquisition of the American Legion Hall in Southfields. The building will be cleaned up and given a fresh coat of paint. In the future, the Board hopes to schedule a Town Board meeting there.

There was a discussion on the subject of reducing the performance bond for the Sterling Mine Estates subdivision. Although the Planning Board has recommended that the bond be reduced to $75,000, the Board is somewhat reluctant to do this as they have had trouble getting the developer to pave the road and finish his landscaping plan. It was agreed that they would lower the bond to $125,000 and the have a consultation with the Town Engineer, Building Inspector and Highway Superintendent If they agree that the remaining work on the development can be done for $75,000, the bond will be lowered to that amount at the next meeting of the Board which is September 8.

Town Clerk Laurent reported that there is presently a bill proposed by the New York State Senator from Garden City, LI, which provides for Emergency procedures within the State. A small section of this bill will remove registrar duties from individual Towns and send them to the County instead. This not only means a loss of revenue for the Town, but that people would have to travel to Goshen to get marriage licenses, death certificates, etc. Mrs. Laurent and the other Town Clerks in her Town Clerks Association don’t see any benefit in this provision so she asked that the Town Board pass a resolution opposing the proposal. They did so unanimously.

The public was reminded that there is public hearing on the Town’s Draft Comprehensive Plan Update on September 8 at 7:30 pm. Since Tuxedo Reserve has announced that they are going to submit a revision to their Special Permit which contains substantial changes to their original plan, there was discussion as to when the Board would hold a meeting on this subject. Supervisor Dolan wants the presentation of the new plan to be made formally and in public. The Town has not yet received any documents from the applicant so it is hard to know how extensive the changes are. They hope to receive the documents by Friday, September 29. After they do, they will set a meeting for the formal presentation – probably on September 22.

The sign permit for Taverna Tuxedo is about to expire and the Board voted unanimously to renew it for another 120 days.

In other business, Councilman Castricone reported having received several complaints about a property in Maplebrook, which has had mounds of dirt and construction equipment on it since 1995. Upon consultation with Howard Protter, Town Attorney, they learned that unless the code is changed there is nothing that can be done about this situation. Several people seemed to know of other properties in town, which had the same conditions. It was agreed that Board members would drive by the property in question and the discussion continued with a possibility of amending the code at a later date.

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