Special Village Board of Trustees Meeting December 22, 2008

The Village Board of Trustees met on December 22, 2008 at 7:30pm. All members were present with Trustee Hansen arriving late at 8:25 PM.

Old Business:

Review bids/award bid and authorize purchase of a truck for the DPW
Jeff Voss recommended a bid from Hawthorne Chevy for an in stock 2008 Chevy truck with extras [plow] be accepted, and estimated the trade in value of the existing truck to be $5,000 to $10,000. The Board unanimously approved this transaction.

Review bids/award bid for tent cover for clarifiers at sewer plant
No bid was awarded and this will be put back out for rebid. Only three bids were received. The first was for $45,000 [determined to be way too high]; the second was for the wrong facility [a salt storage facility]; and the third bid was never received.

Review bids for sale of surplus 1968 backhoe
No bids have been received to date. Additional bid sources were discussed and this process will continue.

Collection Plan for reimbursement of resident obligations to the Village
A total of approximately $110,000 in professional fees incurred by the Planning Board, the BAR and the ZBA are past due. Although there are over 60 individual past due accounts, 12 of these account for about 80% of the total dollars spent and owed. Thus, several of these twelve were discussed individually. Each situation is somewhat unique, and very few of the past due bids are clearly a right or wrong situation. The Board agreed to the content of a letter to be sent to each account, asking for payment or a detailed explanation as to why no payment has been made.

Collection Plan for past due water bills
Due to obvious errors in meter readings, an accurate dollar amount of past due water bills is not available, but it will be in excess of $150,000 and perhaps $200,000. Most of the past due bills are from water users outside of the Village. The situation is complicated by the fact that in a number of cases the Village failed to invoice users over a prolonged period of time [bills normally are sent quarterly]. Thus, a mechanism for spreading the past due amount over a reasonable period was discussed. The majority of the past due accounts is related to the Village’s failure to invoice users. A draft of a collection letter was discussed and should be finalized shortly.

New Business:

W&S bid proposal for modeling the Village’s water distribution system - Phase One
This relates to supplying water to the Sterling Place development, which will have a 125,000-gallon water tower and anticipated usage by all 62 homes of about 25,000 gallons per day. The timing as to when the tower would be refilled is being negotiated. In accordance with the existing Settlement Agreement, Sterling Place is paying for the modeling and subsequent testing. Accurate flow tests are needed to properly calibrate the model and the initial test were faulty due to dirt that got into the flow test meters. The modeling was unanimously approved.

Increase of $5,000 to the Applied Weather Associates Contract and $3,000 to the O’Brien & Gere Contract
Since these two Contracts both relate to the Tuxedo Lake dam at the Tuxedo Club, they were discussed together. The review process is taking longer than initially anticipated, and the final model parameters are still being negotiated for a variety of very real technical issues. A revised study deadline of February first has been established and the additional funding requests passed unanimously.

Hire LASH Contracting for one day at $3,500 to complete sewer line work near the Tuxedo Lake dam – scoping and inspecting
Since the first attempt to do this was halted by a very large root ball in the pipeline that needs to be cut away, a second day will be required to properly execute this work. The resolution was passed unanimously.

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