Tuxedo Union Free School Board Meeting April 17, 2008

The Tuxedo Union Free School District Board met on April 17, 2008
Board members R. Barone; M. Catenaro and R. Yates were absent.

President Hickey called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM. The principal items of interest covered during this meeting where as foll0ws:

The budget numbers have not changed since our previous report and this budget was accepted and approved by the Board.. There has been no movement on a budget agreement between Greenwood Lake and Tuxedo. The two Superintendents along with the two Business Administrators have been meeting in an effort to see if a cost model can be created that both sides are willing to live with. This is a long term project, however, and it is not expected to bear any fruit relative to the 2008 – 2009 school year. Where does this leave the budget that was just approved? The most likely scenario is that the State Education Department will be given the role of both judge and jury, and have to come up with tuition numbers that can be justified by the Seneca Falls formula. The budget is based upon a total school population remaining relatively flat in the next School Year [639 students], although the population in each of the grades is bound to change.

On Wednesday, April 16, two senior representatives visited with the Tuxedo District for several hours in an effort to better understand what the major issues between the Greenwood Lake and Tuxedo Districts are. They will make a similar visit to the Greenwood Lake District in the near future. Based upon their input and observations as a result of these two meetings, more State aid will hopefully be forthcoming to Greenwood Lake to help fund some of its tuition costs.

Auditors have finished up their work at Tuxedo, and provided positive feedback about the District’s financial management, condition, and staff.

Approximately three percent of the current budget or $490,000 represents unappropriated funds that will be held back for unanticipated expenditures to include emergency needs.

Other non-financial items covered included the following highlights. There was a somewhat lengthy discussion about grade population sizes relative to the number of teachers and teachers’ aids that may or may not be assigned to each grade level. This is a fluid situation that will not firm up until late August. It appears that Michael Catenaro will not be running for re-election to the School Board, and that Carol Stachelek and Joanne Vernon are both candidates for election to this seat. Wednesday’s blood drive at the high school had 54 donors, of whom 40 were students. President Hickey is committed to making the District website both relevant and current, but fully executing the necessary changes will take several months to complete.

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