Village Planning Board Meeting January 28, 2008

The Village of Tuxedo Park Planning Board met on January 28 2008. The meeting opened at 7:40 PM with 2 absent members.  Trustee Worthy was present to discuss pending legislation in the form of Local Law 3 covering an applicant's reimbursement of consultant charges and other professional fees attendant to applications before our Building Inspector, Planning Board, Board of Architectural Review and Board of Zoning Appeals.  The review of this draft document included consideration of escrow monies required of applicants at the time of their seeking either a building permit, a variance, site plan analysis or the subdivision of land.  Ms. Worthy and the Planning Board also evaluated a tentative fee schedule for permits, utility hookups, Public Hearings, appeals etc.  Projects of Heibel and Witte have been directed to the Board of Zoning Appeals as both have been declared sited on a Ridge Line or Precipice.  A Viewshed Committee Report is due to be unveiled by the Trustees tomorrow night, after which the Planning Board may be asked to review and submit comments.   The meeting adjourned at about 9:30 with many valid recommendations for refining the draft version of Local Law 3.

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