Town Board Meeting Monday, July 28, 2008

The Town Board met on Monday, July 28 at 7:30 pm. All members were present.

The meeting began with two public hearings on proposed legislation. The first one was for the local law entitled “Amendments to the Towing Law.” The only speaker was attorney Richard H. Sarajian representing Loyal Tire who had several objections to the proposed amendments. The Board agreed to continue the public hearing next month in order to receive additional information from the Town’s towers.

The second public hearing was for a local law, which would make it illegal for anyone to serve on two Boards in town simultaneously. Currently, Town Resident Mary Hansen serves as a member of the Planning Board as well as Chair of the Architectural Review Board.
Dale Mottola commented that she thought the law should take effect immediately rather than to wait for current Board terms to run out. Town Attorney Don Nichols stated that it is state law that Board members can only be removed for “cause,” and as such current terms should be served out and the law applied to any new appointees. During the regular meeting, the Board voted to adopt this law with Board member Tom Darling abstaining.

During his Supervisor’s Update, Peter Dolan announced that Juniper Terrace in Sterling Mine Estates has finally been paved. This work was done under the direction of the developer. He also announced he has started talks with the DEC about the condition of town owned Alexander’s Pond which is deteriorating. Councilman Phelps reported that work is ongoing at the Powerhouse site. The building has been capped off but there is still brickwork to be done. Councilman Castricone reported on a letter from Annie Rabbit concerning the amount of money the Ambulance Corps and Fire Districs are reimbursed from the Thruway Authority when they answer calls on the Thruway. He feels the amounts should be increased. He also announced that the Town’s Proposed Master Plan is available at the Town Hall, Library and Village Office as well as downloadable from the Town’s website.

The Board passed the following resolutions:

  1. A Town owned road in Southfields will be named Ted’s Way after former Police Chief Dalesandro.
  2. The automobile mileage reimbursement rate will be increased to $.58 per mile which reflects a federal change.
  3. Performance bonds for Phase 2 of the Woodlands Development will be released as recommended by the Town Planning Board on July 8th. Homeowners’ Association President Peverle was present and had no objection.
  4. The Library will have a proposition on the ballot in November seeking a 3.2% increase (or $13,715) to their annual allocation of funds.

The Board tabled a resolution introducing a local law entitled “Amendment to Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance.” This legislation was requested by the DEC however they have not yet released the flood plain maps so Attorney Nichols recommended that the Board wait for the maps before considering the legislation.

The Supervisor announced that the Town Courts were applying for a grant to install indoor and outdoor security equipment in Town Hall.

Finally, the Board reminded everyone of the Public Hearing on the Comprehensive Plan update, which will take place on September 8th at 7:30 pm.

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