Town Board Meeting February 25, 2008

The Town Board met on Monday, February 25, 2008.

Representatives from the Town’s Boy Scout Troop were present and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The meeting opened with a ceremony in which a Key to the Town was presented to Lorraine Eiban in recognition of her 50 years of service with the Tuxedo Volunteer Ambulance Corps.

During his Supervisor’s Update, Peter Dolan announced that the Board had been interviewing candidates for openings on the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals. They hope to have the positions filled soon. In other news, the Supervisor said he and Councilman Darling had attended the Assoication of Towns meeting.

A resolution to approve the Second Amendment to Special Permit Issued for Tuxedo Reserve Development was read and approved unanimously. Basically the resolution grants the waivers that the applicant has been discussing with the Planning Board and their consultants for the past several months. All of these waivers which were recommended by the Planning Board were granted except one that concerns the maximum height of retaining walls. The Board found that it has no legal authority to grant a waiver on this so the applicant will have to go to the Board of Zoning Appeals to either secure an interpretation that this particular provision of the Town’s Zoning Law does not apply to Northridge or in the event that it does apply, secure a variance. If a variance is required, the Town Board recommends its being granted since it feels the proposed retaining walls are essential to minimizing site disturbance and are protective of the public health, safety and welfare. The resolution further specifies that “The waivers, modifications and amendments granted herein are exclusive and particular to Northridge. Nothing herein shall be construed as the grant of any waiver, modification or amendment to any other section of Tuxedo Reserve.”

Other resolutions were approved to appoint a new full time Police Officer, appoint Kent Clark as a Member of the Board of Fire Commissioners, authorize the Town Clerk to attend the NYS Town Clerks Association Training Conference in Ssaratoga and approve Highway and Police Assistance for Tuxedo Clean Sweep Day which is being sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce on April 19th.

There was some discussion about granting a Special Sign Permit to the Chamber of Commerce for decorative banners along Route 17. The Board asked Chamber President Dale Mottola to meet with representatives of the Farmers Market and work out a compromise for sharing this space.

A resolution to waive notice period for a liquor llicense for Taverna Tuxedo was introduced and passed unanimously.

Councilman Castricone brought up the possibility of forming a Town Ethics Board. After some discussion it was decided by a 3/2 vote to form a Committee to explore this possibility and make recommendations to the Board.

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