Village Board of Trustees Approved Build-out Plans for both Village Boat Club and Tuxedo Club

On June 23, 2008 the Board of Trustees voted in favor of approving applications for new docking facilities at both the Village Boat Club and Tuxedo Club.

These approvals were made possible by the adoption of Local Law #2 (pertaining to lakes and ponds) earlier that evening. This new legislation, which aims to control the number and size of docks on all three Village Lakes, was the result of more than a year’s hard work and brings to a close what has been a very frustrating experience for some.

Expansion plans for both The Tuxedo Club and the Village Boat Club, were put on hold (along with all other lakefront building) while the Lake Law Revision Panel reviewed the current Lake Laws and explored the possibility of revising them. This Panel was comprised of members from both clubs as well as a trustee representative. The Lake Law Revision Panel was:
Paul Brook – Tuxedo Club member and Lakefront Property owner
Kurt Graetzer – Tuxedo Club member
Greg Libby – Village Boat Club President
Jock McKinnon – Tuxedo Club member and Attorney
Charlotte Worthy – Trustee Liason

After several months of research and review, which including exploring the anticipated needs of both clubs for the next 10 years, the Panel recommended that the Board revise the Village Code section 65-5 (pertaining to lakes and ponds) to allow for dock expansion at both clubs. (a complete copy of Local Law Number 2 can be downloaded here)

Presented below are the expansion plans for both clubs as approved by the Board of Trustees on June 23, 2008.


Village Boat Club Site Plan

VBC Letter

VBC Letter

(Please note – drawing does not include the transient dock to be located at the Tennis House as approved by the BAR on 7/15/08)

Tuxedo Club Site Plan

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