Back to The Grind: Town of Tuxedo has Big Plans for September

The Month of September is an important one for the Town of Tuxedo as two major projects will come before the Town Boards.

The first is the redrafted version of Tuxedo’s Master Plan. After a great deal of work spanning several years, a new version of the plan has been drafted to replace the existing plan, which was drafted in the 1970s, and reflect the changing needs of the Town. Specifically, the proposed draft incorporates zoning changes with regard to land use and subdivision regulations. It also focuses on the Route 17/17A corridor and more specifically areas in Southfields and Arden where developable land remains. A public hearing is scheduled for September 8, 2008 and Village residents are encouraged to attend and keep themselves informed on this important issue. Copies of the proposed Master Plan can be obtained in The Village Office and the Tuxedo Park Library as well as the Town Hall.

Secondly, Related Companies, developers of Tuxedo Reserve (a large development slated to be built just South of Town Center) has submitted a revised copy of their Special Permit for review. The applicant is seeking multiple changes to their previously approved permit. As this development is slated to be the largest of its kind in Orange County and will permanently alter life as we know it in the Town of Tuxedo, it is very important that residents educate themselves on the project and keep on top of developments as they arise. The Applicant will make a presentation before both the Town Board and the Town Planning Board in the month of September. (meeting date to be finalized) In the meantime, copies of the revised plan are available in the Village Office.

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