Village Board of Architectural Review Meeting March 4, 2008

The Board of Architectural Review Met on March 4, 2008 at 7pm. Board Member Tocci was absent.

Applicant Pompan: Last appeared before the Board on February 5 regarding work on windows, a dormer, and a small balcony. Applicant presented revised plans based upon comments at prior meeting. After discussion of the revised plans, the Board voted unanimously to approve changes to exterior windows with the proviso that the structural details are approved by the Village Building Inspector.

Applicant Gwathmey: This application for a 1.5 story detached garage and associated landscaping, has been before the BAR since 2005. The Board spent ninety minutes on this application going over current plans in great detail, to include the history of the application (Celeste Gebhardt). Comments covered landscaping, driveway materials, patio materials and design, garage side door and water source location, types and amounts of fill required, foundation wall heights, paint colors, tree removal, landscape plantings, exterior lighting, drainage, dry well size, and the difference between current plans and those plans approved recently by the BZA. (Editors note: In short, it was an exhausting dialogue, and the mere fact the applicant has pursued this for three plus years now, speaks of a process in need of repair. Hopefully, this application is now in its final stages.)

Applicant Goldman: This is a new application, and applicant presented plans for the redesign of an existing attached garage so that architecturally, it would conform to the existing house it is part of, to include the garage doors. The Board felt the plans “…looked fabulous”; the neighbors will be notified by the Village Building Inspector; and after a brief site visit by Board, a vote is anticipated at the next meeting.

Applicant Diem: Applicant is requesting certain changes in its approved landscaping plan (new home construction) based upon various considerations relating to certain external walls, steps, stone works, and plantings. Board will take same under advisement, subject to a better understanding of safety related issues pertaining to the property’s northeast area. A site visit will also be made by the Board.

Applicant McFadden (was not on the agenda, but Board agreed to add him): This is a new application, and applicant is requesting to cover up three existing small windows, add to new windows, and change and single entrance door to a double French door. The purpose is to facilitate the redesign of an existing kitchen. Detailed plans accompanied the applicant’s request. The Applicant stated no structural issues were involved. Board said it would need to conduct a site visit before making any detailed comments. The Neighbors will be notified by the Village Building Inspector.



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