Village Board of Architectural Review Meeting January 2, 2008

The Board of Architectural Review met on January 2, 2008 at 7 PM. All Board members were present. Only one Applicant was on the agenda.

Applicant Dangoor made a second appearance regarding a driveway relocation plan (to replace an existing easement driveway across a neighbor’s property). At the November 20, 2007 meeting, the Applicant agreed to submit a Bulk Table to the Village Building Inspector and property deeds to the BAR attorney for review as well as staking the driveway for a BAR site visit. At the time of the meeting, the Building Inspector had just received the Bulk table and had not enough time to properly review it. He planned to review the table after the meeting. The Village Attorney confirmed that the existing property deeds did not prohibit or inhibit the Applicant’s plans. The BAR Engineer made a number of suggestions relating to the initial plans, including questions regarding the proposed retaining walls, quantity of fill need for certification, proposed drainage system that includes a catch basin, and the driveway’s slope and swale design. The BAR attorney also stated that if, as part of the Applicant’s engineering solution, water from the Village road is directed onto the Applicant’s property, the Village would seek an easement agreement to allow for this to happen. The BAR shared their feedback after the site visit. The overall opinion was positive but there were detailed questions regarding aesthetics of the entry pillars and walls, material of driveway, guard rail design, and landscaping. The applicant agreed to return when they have answers for all the questions.

As there was no further applicant related business, the BAR discussed four other administrative items.

  1. It was agreed that members would not submit their individual site observations in writing to meetings they could not attend, since this would preclude Applicants and other Board members from discussing the same with the absentee member.
  2. It was agreed that henceforth the BAR minutes would record the votes so that the reader could clearly tell which members were absent, had abstained from a vote or recused themselves.
  3. It was agreed that changes to the NYS Uniform Fire Prevention Code and enforcement thereof did not affect the work of the BAR. NY State Codes override Village Codes, to the extent the State Codes are more stringent.
  4. BAR members were encouraged to avail themselves of architectural educational opportunities which individual members had time to attend.

The meeting was adjourned at 8.37 PM.



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