Town Planning Board Meeting January 8, 2008

The Town of Tuxedo Planning Board met on Tuesday, January 8, 2008 at 7pm.

The Meeting began with a Public Hearing for Shaun Neal’s one lot subdivision, located on Susan Court. Preliminary site plans were presented Issues regarding the positioning of the Applicant’s septic tank were raised. In addition, a number of issues (mainly engineering in nature) were raised by Bonnie Francon, Town Planner, and the Applicant must address these before the project can move forward. The public hearing will be continued at the February 13, 2008 Planning Board Meeting.

The next item on the agenda was David Maikisch’s request for a filling and grading permit. Mr. Maikisch hopes to level off some of his property in order to add a play yard. Some tree removal will be necessary. A public hearing was scheduled for February 13, 2008.

Item number three on the agenda was Torsoe Brothers Construction’s request to narrow the road leading to their subdivision. This change was unanimously approved by the Board.

Following these agenda items, the final draft of the resolution granting Tuxedo Reserve conditional preliminary approval for Phase One of their project, Northridge, was circulated.

Board Member Mary Hansen inquired about Blasting Protocol and was informed by Town Consultants that the applicant has submitted a preliminary blasting plan, which will need to be revised and resubmitted prior to final approval.

Board Member Jim Hayes commented that he had attended that January 7 Town Board meeting at which the issue of Tuxedo Reserve’s unpaid bills was raised. Due to a loss of financial backing Tuxedo Reserve has been in arrears for $273,000 to the town. The Board discussed adopting a new policy, which would require applicants to be paid in full before having their project seen by the Board. A resolution was passed allowing the Board Attorney and Town Planner to look into such a policy.

Finally, the Board discussed the issue of time limits as they pertain to finishing the infrastructure of a large project. Currently, residents in Sterling Mine Estates are experiencing serious issues as a result of the developers failure to complete the project. Because the roadways remain unfinished they have not been dedicated to the Town and therefore, nobody is taking care of them or plowing/salting them in the winter weather. The Board discussed possibly instituting a maximum time limit for developers to finish project infrastructure, which would eliminate similar problems from occurring in the future.


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