Public Hearing on Tuxedo Reserve: Changes sought by developer but no vote taken (Town Board Meeting January 28 2008)

Public Hearing on Tuxedo Reserve: Changes sought by developer but no vote taken
The Town Board held a Public Hearing regarding the application to amend the Special Permit issued to Tuxedo Reserve. Representatives from the developer discussed the changes they are seeking to the Special Permit. Donald Powers, architect for Tuxedo Reserve, explained the changes sought from the 2004 Robert Stern plan, based on the topography of the site. The changes would mean less land disturbance from blasting for a reduction of 14.2 acres in land disturbance. George Derrick, site engineer, discussed technical changes for curbing, manholes, storm piping and upgrades due to changes in DEC requirements. He also discussed blasting performance standards and changes to bulk performance standards due to the topography. Steven Barshov, the attorney, spoke about the legal process and mitigation of the wetland areas, non-jurisdictional wetlands and salamander migration paths.

From the Public, Andy Birish spoke about the downtown revitalization. Judy Motolla, from the Chamber of Commerce, spoke about the anticipation that Tuxedo Reserve will bring vibrancy to the downtown.

The Town Board closed the Public Hearing but did not vote, because legal review on the changes has not been completed.

The meeting continued with Supervisor Dolan’s update. A $35,000 grant for the Powerhouse is out to bid based on the specifications for a band shell. The Verizon Tower contract has not been finalized. A new bridge will be built across the Ramapo River. There is a possibility that the American Legion building in Southfields will be acquired by the Town for a community center however, the Legion will still use the building for its own purposes.

A Public Hearing was scheduled to discuss a resolution to provide real property tax exemptions for veterans who served during the Cold War period (1945-1991).

The Board approved a resolution to authorize a change in the carrier for workers’ compensation insurance from Orange County Self-Insurance to NYS Municipal Workers’ Compensation Alliance.

Other resolutions were approved to: Confirm completion of probationary period by code enforcement officer; Re-appoint Nathaniel Jackson as Board of Assessment Review member; Permit installation of Indian Point siren at Lucky Playground; Modify towing application fee and towing rates.

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