Town Board Reorganization Meeting January 22, 2008

The Town Board held their reorganization meeting on January 22, 2008. The meeting started with a swearing-in ceremony. Justice Hume Steyer presided and the following people were duly sworn in to office:

Supervisor Peter Dolan $31,520
Councilman Tom Darling $5372
Councilman Gary Phelps $5372
Town Justice Loretta Davis $23,397
Superintendent of Highways Joseph Tripoli $81,000
Receiver of Taxes Gregory Stevens $9202
Town Clerk Elaine Laurent $51,244

Following the ceremony, there was a brief meeting at which the following appointments were made:

Deputy Supervisor Dan Castricone  
(Supervisor Dolan commented that it is his intention to switch out the Deputy Supervisor each year. Last year, Lisa Spivak was Deputy Supervisor. This year, it’s Councilman Castricone’s turn.)

Supervisory Court Clerk Sandra Boss $39,286
Justice Clerk Elizabeth Smith $30,786
Part Time Court Clerk Claire Squilini $16,694
Part Time Court Clerk Mary Stalnaker $14,894
Supervisor’s Clerk Shari Brooks $41,200
(will additionally serve as Recreation Clerk)
Supervisor’s Bookkeeper Patricia Monico-Sullivan $21,799
Consultant to Bookkeerper Linda Witte $35 per hour
Budget Officer Peter Dolan $3640
Deputy Budget Officer Patricia Monico-Sullivan $4160
Part Time Assessor Gregory Stevens $32,630

Board of Assesment Review
Chairman Lou DeBrino $1300
Member Jerry Magurno $470
Member Carol Matthews $470
Member Edward Brennan $470

Nathaniel Jackson


First Deputy Town Clerk
Antoinette Matthews
Payroll Clerk Anita Rogers $2322
Custodian of Voting Machines Lou DeBrino $800
  Jack Kossover $800
Records Management Officer Elaine Laurent $3019
Deputy Records Management Officer
Antoinette Matthews $2000
Dog Control Officer Thomas Murphy $6490
Deputy Emergency Management Officers: Nils Gerling
Lou DeBrino III
Clerk for Superintendent of
Deborah Villanueva


Part Time Parking Fee Collector

Claire Squillini
Mary Stalnaker
Recreation Coordinator to be appointed $5000
Fire and Building Inspector David Maikisch $50,619
Project Coordinator for Building Department, Planning Board, ZBA and ARB Anita Rogers


Zoning Board of Appeals
Chairman Frank Pevely $1424
Member George Langberg $1030
Member Andrew Rogers $1030
Member Brian Sullivan $1030
Member to be appointed $1030

Planning Board
Chairman Nils Gerling $5357
Member Joseph Gartiser $2400
Member Mary Hanson $2400
Member to be appointed $2400
Member Jim Hays * $2400
Alternate Susan Goodfellow* $1000
Mr. Hays’ and Mrs. Goodfellow’s terms were up on 12/31/07. Their seats must be reappointed.

Architectural Review Board
Chairman Mary Hanson $1545
Member Sharon Radulov $1000
Member George McCathern $1000
Member Michael Reardon $1000
Member to be appointed $1000
Recording Secretary for Zoning Board, Planning Board, ARB Deborah Villanueva


Hamlet Sewer District
Administrator Joseph Tripoli $2812

Town Legal Counsel

Jacobowicz & Gubits $40,750
Town Engineers Holzmacher, McLendon & Murrell, P.C.  
Planning Board Legal Counsel: Thomas Egan  
Consultant to the Planning Board: Bonnie Franson  
ZBA Legal Counsel: Lisa J. Felicissimo  
Town Veteran’s Officer Paul Mitchell  
Town Historian Christian R. Sonne  
Public Information Officer Nils Gerling  
Official Newspaper of Record: Times Herald Record  
Official Depository: JP Morgan Chase  
Following the meeting, wine and cheese was served.


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