Village Planning Board Meeting November 19, 2007

The Planning Board met at 7:30pm on Monday November 19. 2007.  

The meeting opened with an attorney-client discussion. 

The public portion of the meeting began at 8:30pm.  Discussion centered around the consideration of potential Zoning Code changes to better clarify the jurisdictional boundaries of the Board of Architectural Review and Planning Board.  At issue is a disparity in a 2006 Local Law, which allowed the Guinchard house application to proceed without Planning Board review, while other and lesser applications require such review.  It appears that the subject legislation had been drafted and adopted in haste without thorough analysis of its ramifications.   Attorney Golden drafted language to correct this situation in a form acceptable to the Planning Board, which he expected could also be embraced by the Board of Architectural Review, and which would ultimately be brought before the Trustees for a possible amendment of the Village Code.   Following this discussion, approval of Minutes and other ministerial matters were then addressed until adjournment at roughly 10:30 PM.

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