Town Board Meeting, August 13, 2007

The Town Board meeting on August 13th included a Public Hearing. on “Sign Law Amendments.” After listening to public comments, Supervisor Dolan stated that it was never the intention of the Board to make things more difficult for local businesses in any way. He supports “some uniformity” in the signage in town. The two amendments being discussed were one to allow businesses with seasonal operations to post signs stating their prices and offerings and one to regulate the size of the print allowed (9 inch letters). Apparently, the amendments also changed the size of allowable signs but this was a mistake and the Board quickly agreed to change the size back to what it had been originally. The amendments were passed unanimously (with Councilperson Rauch absent) in the business part of the meeting.

The Board also approved an amendment to the Special Permit issued to Tuxedo Reserve which would allow it to add approximately 4 acres to its site. The reasons for this are detailed in the report of last months Planning Board Meeting.

Other actions included:

  • A resolution designating Store Road as one way. Although this road has been de facto one way for year, it was not in the Town Code and, as such, not enforceable by the Police.

  • Reducing the performance bond for Sterling Mine Court Retail/Office Plaza as recommended by the Town Engineer

  • Appointing a new Highway Department employee

During the Supervisor’s Update part of the meeting, Supervisor Dolan announced that the Town had recently been awarded FEMA funds to help defray the costs of the recent flood. He also noted that Councilman John Hall will be appearing at the Farmers’ Market on August 18th at 11 am.

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