Village Planning Board Meeting, August 20, 2007

  1. Tuxedo Partners LLC (12 lots)
    David McCartney Esq. and Garrett Bowden represented Tuxedo Partners LLC in their application to subdivide 12 building lots on Pine Hill Road. No technical or engineering associates attended, but Mr. McCartney assured the Board that plans for grading, drainage, sewerage and DEC approval were progressing well.
  2. Overton (11 lots)
    Village consultant Bonnie Franson led the Board through her 20-point review of the Overton “EAF” environmental form. John First, Esq. and Michele Zerfus (sp) of Chazen Engineers attended and agreed to abide by Ms. Fransons’ recommendations before the EAF is circulated to Involved & Interested Agencies.The Overton subdivision includes about 60 acres surrounding the Tuxedo Park School Property.
  3. Vanum Properties LLC (New Home)
    Mr. Verkousky and Mr. Kissel submitted a preliminary site plan for home construction on the Vanum lot at Tuxedo Road and Tower Hill Road. Issues of drainage, set-backs, access, coverage, wetlands, deposit monies and disclosure of entity principals were discussed.
  4. New Board Member
    Rob McQuilkin was introduced, and Board Attorney Rick Golden presented a review of the 4 subdivisions now under P.B. consideration. (Tuxedo Partners LLC, Overton, Tuxedo Park Estates. & Vandermeer)
  5. The Board then held a privileged Attorney-Client session with Mr. Golden.

Adjourned 9:45 PM

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