Village Board of Trustees Meeting, August 15, 2007 | August 15, 2007

The Village of Tuxedo Park Board of Trustees met on August 15, 2007 at 7:30pm. Trustee Shaw was not present.

Richie Morrow, Supervisor of the DPW, gave a detailed update on current projects and maintenance issues. Rusty water in some pipes had been caused by leaks in the Hamlet and on Mountain Farm Road and repairs were completed.

Advisory Committees reports were given. The Village Improvement Advisory Committee is investigating options for new housing of streetlights. The Committee will report to the engineer of the Infrastructure Committee with their recommendations for improvements to Tuxedo Road guide rails, storm water drains, road paving practices and drainage remediation. VIAC will prepare a survey for posting on the Village website soliciting opinions of residents regarding traffic safety issues throughout the Village. Quotes were received for removing approximately 11 trees that have fallen into the south end of Tuxedo Lake as well as 15 trees on Village land at the south end; a meeting with the Village Boat Club and Greg Libby, Lake Warden, is planned before final bids are pursued. VIAC looks forward to working on the next phase of remediation of the Racetrack. The Wildlife Advisory Committee reported on their assessment of the Village’s needs in dealing with the various wildlife species of the Village, particularly the deer. The Committee recommended that the Village organize the permit process for deer culling, cautioning the Board with an expansion of the deer herd and deforestation if the culling is not continued. The Environment Advisory Committee reported that they will focus on the health of the three lakes, among other issues, this year.

During the public comment period, Joan Alleman spoke about the increasing number of weeds in the Wee Wah Lake and The Pond and expressed her concern that the excessive growth might spread to Tuxedo Lake. In response, Mayor Stebbins explained that testing of weeds in the Wee Wah Lake was undertaken by the Cornell Coop Extension. At the July BOT meeting Joan Riccardi had expressed a similar concern; subsequently Mayor Stebbins directed the testing of weeds. Cornell Coop determined that the species were native and non-invasive. David McFadden expressed his objection to the Board’s interpretation of the term limits law passed in 2006. Mayor Stebbins reported that Attorneys Golden, Donnelly and Mineaux – attorneys for the PB, BAR, ZBA and Village – opined that the term limit law is prospective and can only be applied when a person is appointed to a new term on the PB, BAR and ZBA. Mayor Stebbins then read four letters into the record. The first was from Rolf Gruterich and addressed the issue of a retaining wall on his property, which abuts the road. Water is seeping between the wall and the road and this is causing the wall to collapse onto the Gruterich property. Mr. Gruterich has offered to split the cost of repairs with the village. The second and third letters came from Marcie Stegmann and her son Skip, who complained about excessive noise coming from the Tuxedo Club kitchen fans. Trustee Worthy indicated that the Stegmanns had also appeared before the Planning Board with similar complaints and that the issues had been investigated and were being addressed. The final letter came from Doug Stone and expressed concern about the water level in the Wee Wah.

Joanne Hanson read a letter on behalf of the Planning Board, in which she expressed the Board’s unanimous recommendation and desire to see Sam Bornstein re-appointed to the Board for a five-year term with a 1-year term as Deputy Chairman.

Following the public comment period, the following appointments were made by the board:


Maureen Coen – 5-year term on the Board of Zoning Appeals

Robert McQuilkin – 4-year term on the Planning Board (filling the spot left vacant by Trustee Worthy)

Robert Simon – 5-year term on the Board of Architectural Review

Sam Bornstein – 5-year term on the Planning Board with a one year term as Deputy Chairman

The vote for Ms. Coen was unanimous; Trustee Hansen abstained from voting on Mr. McQuilken, Mr. Simon and Mr. Bornstein, with Mayor Stebbins and Trustees Darby and Worthy voting in favor.

The Board announced that they would not be making the Police Report Summary on ex-police chief Robert Culhane public and that they would be discussing the matter in executive session.

The garbage and recycling BID notice and contract was unanimously approved and it was announced that it would officially go out to BID with a bid opening deadline of September 20 at 2pm.

The issue of speed bumps in the village was discussed. Speeding remains an issue in the village with certain key areas being worse than others. The Mayor indicated that for less than $1000 the village could purchase a movable speed bump, which could then be moved about the village in an attempt to slow travelers down in these areas.

Tuxedo Partners, LLC addressed the Board and presented several key documents which, they claimed, showed the DEC’s initial approval in 1989 of their sewer plans for the Pine Hill Subdivision and the DEC’s re-approval in 1994 after a sewer moratorium was put into effect in 1993. Although that moratorium was lifted in 1999, the DEC had imposed another moratorium in 2004, which is still in effect.

Two different engineering firms, Westin & Sampson and O’Brien & Gere presented the board with proposals for map digitization. With Richie Morrow’s impending retirement upon us, the village is seeking to digitize several large maps, which are currently in their original scroll format. Westin & Sampson presented a simpler, more cost effective plan while O’Brien & Gere made a more elaborate presentation. The presentations were followed by a lengthy board discussion.

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