Town Board Candidates Outline Top Three Issues | November 1, 2007

TPFYI asked each of the four Town Board candidates to summarize the top three issues that they feel are facing the town of Tuxedo. We will post their responses as they are received.


Architectural Review Board – We believe the role of the ARB should be….TO REVIEW ARCHITECTURE!  The un-elected ARB drafted and is enforcing Tuxedo’s new sign law.  We would focus the ARB on protecting the Town from unscrupulous developers and inferior building materials and place sign approval back where it belongs, in the hands of the officials that are accountable to the residents of Tuxedo.

Ethics in Government – The Town of Tuxedo Code Book already authorizes a town Ethics Committee.  The current town board refuses to fill the committee.  To ensure fair and open government, we will fight to fill the committee with non-partisan, respected town residents.

Communications – We Believe better efforts can be made to inform residents such as useof public access television channel, cross postings between the Park and Town web sites, more postings throughout the various sections of town, newsletters and a dedicated phone line with a recorded message updated egularly. 


Control Growth – Ensure that the Tuxedo Reserve developers adhere to the special permit adopted by the Town Board. 

Keep Property Taxes Low – By continuing to the creative fiscal revenue raising that Peter Dolan and the current Town Board have started and by finding additional resources to tap.

Parks & Recreation Department Improvements – Continue to make improvements to the parks and playgrounds. Seniors would like to have a meeting place other than Town Hall.  Other locations should be investigated for them.


Development/Quality of Life:  Continue my work on the Town of Tuxedo Master Plan that is currently being revised/updated.

Taxes:  Continue working with Peter Dolan and my colleagues to keep Town expenses in check and deliver annual budgets that are reasonable and sensible.

Environmental I want to explore effective procedures and practices that we can implement for the Town that enhance the health of our residents and safeguard the natural environment.

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