The Town of Tuxedo Planning Board Meeting, July 10, 2007 | August 6, 2007

Representatives from Tuxedo Reserve presented plans for phase one of their development, which will be called Northridge. Maps showing roads and homes were presented. Plans for sewer and drainage were also presented.

In addition, Tuxedo Reserve announced that they hope to include two new parcels of land in their Planned Integrated Development. The first parcel, 1.6 acres located just north of the Tuxedo Apartments, has already been purchased by Tuxedo Reserve from Raffaele and Tresa Mazzariello. Tuxedo Reserve has entered into contract with George Medynski to acquire the second parcel, 3.2 acres located behind Tuxedo Motor Sport on Rt 17 at the boarder with Sloatsburg. This acquisition is dependent upon a lot line change (brought before the Town Board on July 23) as the current lot is 5.2 acres in size and Tuxedo Reserve only desires 3.2 acres. The addition of the newly acquired land will allow developers to redirect Vernon Road (shown on the map) away from some vernal pools and also to steer Quail Road in a gentler curve, thus dramatically reducing the amount of blasting that will be necessary. The presentation was followed by a public hearing.

During the public hearing, School Superintendent Zanetti as well as School Board Vice President Diana Petrosky expressed their concerns regarding a road that will run between the current school site and the site within Tuxedo Reserve allocated for a new school.

Ann Marie Voss, whose home borders Tuxedo Reserve in the Village of Sloatsburg, complained that a large amount of water had run down from the Tuxedo Reserve property, flooding her own property and home. There was some concern over the possibility that wetlands had been illegally drained by contractors working on the property. Mrs. Voss has reported the issue to the D.E.C., who plan to conduct a site visit. Representatives from Tuxedo Reserve stated that they had been previously unaware of the issue and that they would investigate the situation immediately. The public hearing on Northridge will be continued at the next Planning Board Meeting on August 14.

The second half of the meeting focused on the Duck Cedar Inn property. Mr. John Latini, President of Ramapo Machine & Tool in West Haverstraw, proposes to use the 25,000 square foot structure for two primary businesses, his sheet metal factory and a pre-school day care center to be operated by his daughter. Mr Latini’s company makes small parts for lighting fixtures and he would use the largest portion of the floor area for this business. In addition, he hopes to include two or three smaller businesses, which would be retail in nature with the possibility of either a Pizzeria or Deli. There will be a public hearing for preliminary approval at the regular Planning Board meeting on August 14.

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