Village Board of Trustees July 18, 2007 | July 25, 2007
On July 18, 2007, the Village Board of Trustees held their re-organizational meeting followed by the regular monthly meeting. During the re-organizational meeting, Mayor Houston Stebbins named Charlotte Worthy to fill the vacant trustee seat. Although previously sworn in as Mayor, a ceremonial swearing in took place for Mayor Stebbins. Newly elected trustee Tinka Shaw and Charlotte Worthy were also sworn in. Trustee Chris Hanson was not present.

Trustee Larry Darby was named Deputy Mayor and Budget Officer. Village Board changes included the appointment of Chiu-Yin Hemple as Chair of the Board of Architectural Review with Paula Tocci as Deputy Chair. Village Committees and their Chairs were established and trustee liaisons assigned to each committee. Most notable was the formation of a new committee, the Infrastructure Advisory Committee, with Trustee Tinka Shaw as the committee Chair and Mayor Stebbins the Board Liaison.

The monthly meeting began with the Mayor’s announcement that Acting Police Chief Ken Sanford and D.P.W. Superintendent Richard Morrow would once again be attending all Board of Trustee meetings to publicly discuss their monthly reports and answer any questions posed by both the Board and members of the community.

During the public comment period Joan Riccardi expressed concern about a particular form of weed she has come across in the Wee Wah lake. The Board decided to work with Lake Wardens Jim Jospe and Greg Libby to engage experts to collect and test the weeds to make sure there is no danger from invasive species. Alan Heywood expressed his concern about the cleanup and removal of waste from the Racetrack area. Mayor Stebbins announced that he and Richie Morrow have met with Town Supervisor Peter Dolan and that cleanup operations will take place in early August. The DPW has begun to consolidate the debris for removal. Susan Goodfellow inquired about the village e-mail policy and recommended that the Village establish a concrete policy for this form of communication. She also inquired about both the Tuxedo Lake and WeeWah Dams.

The board discussed their meeting with the DEC regarding the Tuxedo Dam at great length. This issue has been looming ominously and Mayor Stebbins outlined a comprehensive plan of action. The engineering firm O’Brien & Gere has offered their services to the village for a sum of $36,500. For this price, O’Brien & Gere will perform a site inspection and document review, based on which they will compile a quantitative analysis and a basis of design report as well as create Inspection and Maintenance and Emergency Action plans. Following a review by the Board O’Brien & Gere will present all this information to the DEC on behalf of the village.

Regarding a new garbage/recycling contract, Mayor Stebbins informed the board that the 40 page Notice to Bidders had been completed by resident Richard Fuller and that the Village Garbage Contract would soon be going out to bid.

Also discussed was Joe McCann’s offer of his second house at 112 Turtle Pt Rd to the Tuxedo Fire Dept for the purpose of conducting an extensive fire drill. This house will be demolished to make way for new construction and the McCanns are seeking prior approvals including those from their neighbors. The Drill will simulate a massive fire and include the use of smoke machines but there will be NO ACTUAL FIRE. The Tuxedo Fire Department will assume all liability for this drill. Trustee Worthy suggested that the Village attempt to use the drill to our benefit by tying in our own Emergency plans.

With great sadness and gratitude, Mayor Stebbins publicly announced D.P.W. Superintendent Richard Morrow’s intention to retire, effective September 30, 2007. Thankfully, Mr. Morrow will continue on as a Consultant to the Village. O’Brien & Gere will consolidate and translate the vast amount of infrastructure information that Richie Morrow has accumulated in nearly 25 years of service to the Village.

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