Town School Board Meeting | July 26, 2007
The School Board met on July 12 for a re-organizational meeting followed by the regular monthly meeting.

During the re-organizational meeting, Robert Yates, formerly Board President, became a regular board member and James Hickey, formerly a board member, was named President of the School Board.

The regular meeting focused on the creation of a new committee, The High School Options Committee, whose job it will be to explore various options for the high school both with and without Greenwood Lake students. This Committee will be comprised of the school Superintendent, the Director of Curriculum, the High School Principal, a High School teacher, four members of the community and 1 Board member. It was suggested that Mayor Stebbins also nominate a resident from Tuxedo Park to join the Committee. The High School Options Committee will make their first Public Status Report on September 30, 2007.

Also discussed at the meeting were some questions regarding the budgeting of interest income, which the board promised to address in their next monthly meeting on August 16, 2007.

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