Be careful what your wish for | June 14, 2007
Is Our Water Supply Safe? (June 13, 2007)

The Mayor’s election blog asserts that he will to ask the DEC to lift the sewer moratorium. He writes on his blog “the relining and repair work of our sewer mains is done.” Sounds good, but is it an accurate statement? The answer is no, and we refer you to the Engineering file in the Village for an accurate picture. He conveys the impression that we have met all of the DEC’s expectations. Is that accurate? No. Check the files. We think that the facts show that it is unlikely that the DEC will lift the moratorium … but – if they were to...

What would the consequence be? A lifted moratorium enables more development in our Village … and maybe outside of our Village too. Sterling Forest Corporation, the owners of Sterling Place, could be first in line for wastewater treatment. Why? It’s because the records show that there is a contract in place between Sterling Forest and the Village providing for sewer services in exchange for an easement for an outflow pipe from our plant through their property.

The Mayor and his Deputy expressed grave concern about Sterling Forest’s development of 63 homes right outside the Village and have acted in a way that caused us to end up in court spending thousands trying to deny Sterling Place drinking water. Does it make sense to you that we would fight to deny them water, but work hard to end the sewer moratorium and offer Sterling Forest wastewater treatment, thus making it easier to build their project?

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