Letter to the Editor from former Trustee Hays | June 9, 2007
Former Trustee Nancy Hays writes about the so-called “voting block” that Mayor McFadden claims has prevented him from fulfilling his agenda.

June 2, 2007

Dear Neighbors,

The Mayor has been chastising three members of the Board of Trustees for “block voting”. From my perspective this is an odd issue to complain about. In the first year of the McFadden administration there were at least eleven 3 to 2 votes with Oliver Parker and me consistently in the minority.

In the second year of his term, with two new Trustees, the Mayor did not have the same influence over the Trustee votes. And yet it appears that there were only four 3 to 2 votes against his motions, out of more than 100 votes. Trustees Stebbins, Darby and Parker could hardly be called obstructionists since these four votes addressed only the Tuxedo Club docks and release of the police report pending attorney approval.

Consensus building has not been a hallmark of the Mayor’s administration; on the contrary, confrontation has been the norm. His style generates divisions and the trustees are not to blame.

Here’s hoping for a better future for Tuxedo Park.

Nancy Hays

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