TUFSD Board Meeting May 30th, 2007 | June 2, 2007
On May 30, the Tuxedo Union Free School District Board approved a 2.25% Budget increase for the voters to approve on June 19th. This is down from a 4.5 proposed budget increase which the taxpayers rejected. We were gratified to see mayor candidate Houston Stebbins and former village budget officer David du Pont at the meeting. Mayor McFadden, CFO/Deputy Mayor Hansen, and the newly appointed “liaison to the Board of Education” Drew Goldmann were not present.

The amount they are requesting is $15,785,016 which is the exact amount the state would allow them as a Contingency Budget. What all this would mean in regard to the school taxes in unclear at the moment, but it will be definitely less than the approximate 12.6% increase.

George Mollo, a resident of the Woodlands and a frequent attendee at Board meetings, observes that by getting voter approval of this revised budget the Board will have a little more flexibility as to where the cuts from the rejected budget are made rather than following the state dictate.

By law the Board will still have a Budget hearing on June 12th since there will be a second vote. Please note that date.

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