Letter of Gratitude  |  November 2, 2007

Dear Honorable Trustees:

I would like to convey the collective gratitude of many TP residents to Mayor Stebbins and the B.O.T.  for their swift abatement of a situation potentially damaging to the Park's privacy and security.  It seems one of our neighbors cruised Circuit Road in an SUV for the purpose of compiling a video and commentary on the size and worth of the homes there.  That video and audio were then posted on YouTube for literally world-wide exposure. Although there appears to be no evidence of mal-intent, this type of casual abandon can, needlessly, diminish the safety and serenity we all value in Tuxedo Park.  I understand that our Mayor promptly confronted the subject family and politely advised them of our ordinance against such photographic escapades.  To their credit, those responsible agreed to, and have, removed what most felt was an inappropriate public display. Thank you Mayor Stebbins for your swift and deft action.

Peter Regna
West Lake Road

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