Every Vote Counts in Town Board Election  |  November 17, 2007

Absentee ballots and paper ballots were opened on Wednesday, November14. Town Board candidate and Village resident Andy Siegel received 21 of 28 absentee ballots but ended up 15 votes short of victory.

The final tally of votes for the Town Board was:  

Tom Darling  457
Gary Phelps  453
Andy Siegel   438
Jean Ruffino   418

With Fran Rauch retiring from the Board after 12 years, the Village will not have a representative on the Town Board. Only about 230 Village residents voted in this critical election, compared with about 430 in the Village election in June, 2007. Village residents could have had an impact on the election if more residents had voted. Gary Phelps and Tom Darling will take their seats on the Town Board along with Lisa Spivak and Dan Castricone. Supervisor Peter Dolan, who ran unopposed, was reelected to head the Board.

Many issues that will impact the Village, and taxes paid by Village residents, will be decided by the Town Board. Combined Town, County and School Board taxes account for almost 75% of Village residents’ tax bills. As the Tuxedo Reserve development seeks approval for waivers from their Special Permit and from the Town Code, interested residents are encouraged to attend meetings of the Town Board, Town Planning Board, Town Zoning Board and Town Architectural Review Board. In addition to Tuxedo Reserve, there are a number of other developments under consideration that will greatly impact Tuxedo and Tuxedo Park. We need to have our voices heard.

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