Is relocation of the DPW Facility an economically feasible option? | May 24, 2007

The following letter and feasibility summary were read into the record at the May 16 Board of Trustees meeting. It outlines a brief feasibility study prepared by Jake Lindsay, which was first presented to the Board of Trustees when he was a Trustee in 1999 and more recently an updated version was presented to the current Board of Trustees. Previous administrations determined that relocation of the DPW facility was not economically feasible. Mayor McFadden, without a serious look at the feasibility issue, is asking residents what they would like to do with the DPW property after the facility is moved.


Dear Mayor and Board of Trustees,

On his Mac 4 Mayor Website, the Mayor asks residents what they would like to do with the property where the DPW facility is located, assuming the DPW is moved. He gives us 3 choices.

The first question that should be asked is whether we should move the DPW facility and what the costs involved would be. The prudent first step you should take is a feasibility study on the relocation of the DPW facility. I prepared a straightforward feasibility that is shown below. I have updated this study since I last presented it to the Board of Trustees.

Feasibility Study – DPW Relocation

Existing Facility
8,125 sf

Proposed Facility-
To meet current building codes

10,000 sf .
Building Costs
10,000 sf @ $140 $1,400,000
Salt Shed - new facility
Lump Sum $150,000
Site Work - new facility
Lump Sum $125,000
Clean-up Existing Site after phase I environmental
Lump Sum allowance $175,000
. $1,850,000
Architectural Fees
10% $185,000
10% $185,000
Total Construction
. $2,220,000
. . .
Costs of Land for facility
. ??
Sale of Existing Land
. $900,000 +/-?

The DPW property and the Wee Wah Beach Club property are one contiguous lot of 6.6 acres. The DPW is on approximately 2.5 acres and the Wee Wah Beach Club approximately 4.1 acres. If the DPW area is subdivided it will not meet the Village’s current 4 acres zoning.

If costs are not offset by a land sale, estimated costs would be the full $2,220,000 plus the cost of land acquisition. The DPW relocation just does not make any financial sense.

I personally think it is negligent to write about these ideas and options before a feasibility study has been done. I brought this same issue up in previous BOT meetings. It seems to be a hot issue around election time. A request for a detailed feasibility study might lend some credibility to the Mayor’s proposal.

John S. Lindsay III

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