The Tuxedo Park Racetrack  |  November 7, 2007

Dear Mr Mayor and Trustees,

It is now almost 4 years since the formation of the erstwhile Beautification Committee, then under the active chairmanship of Mayor Kroeber. When the committee started its work, one of its pressing priorities was the closure of the Racetrack as a dump for the garden refuse of any/every resident of the Village. In the months and years since January 2004, the use of the Racetrack as a dump was seriously abused, to the point where it became an embarrassing eyesore for people who live here, especially residents who owned property adjacent to the Racetrack. It was an enormous relief to all when the dumping was finally terminated in late February 2007, mainly as a result of the efforts of the Village Improvement and Environmental Advisory Committees.

Since closure, the removal of debris has continued and has now been completed. The residual piles of mulch have now been spread and leveled and will presumably be reseeded in time for the next growing season. I cannot tell you how grateful my wife and I are to see the Racetrack area returned to a state more appropriate to the beauty and ambience of Tuxedo Park as a whole. I am sure that in saying this, I echo the views of the community at large and in particular, all of us who live in the immediate area surrounding the Racetrack.

May I express our appreciation to you and the Board of Trustees for finally dealing with this matter. In so doing, I also wish to acknowledge the role of former Trustee Oliver Parker who, despite his retirement from the Board last June, has spent a great deal of time, both before and after, in supervising the closure of the dump and its subsequent restoration. 

Alan Heywood

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