Things Heat Up with Tuxedo Reserve  |  October 6, 2007

On Wednesday, October 3rd, the Planning Board held a workshop meeting with their consultants.  Since July, there has been an ongoing public hearing on Phase One, Section One of the huge Tuxedo Reserve project (also known as Northridge) and the implication is that the Planning Board will vote on Preliminary Approval for this phase and section at the conclusion of the extended hearing.  The workshop was held so that the Town’s consultants could explain to the Board members the waiver requests made by the applicants.  There are 102 waiver requests of which 36 will be decided by the Planning Board. (2 waivers will go to the Zoning Board of Appeals, 25 will be resolved by the Town Highway Superintendent and 39 will be decided by the Town Board). There are still a great number of questions unanswered about the waiver requests.  Even the Town’s consultants have been unable to get as much information as they would like from the applicant.

The public hearing will be continuing next Tuesday night at 7 pm.  There appears to be “pressure” for the Planning Board to close the public hearing and vote on preliminary approval.  If this is true, WHO is pushing for this vote and WHY?  We sincerely hope that the Board will not vote on Preliminary Approval before all the questions have been answered to the satisfaction of the Town’s consultants and everyone, including concerned residents, have had a chance to be heard on this very important matter.

Please see Town Planning Board Special Workshop on Tuxedo Reserve.

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