What is That Stuff in the Wee Wah????? | September 15, 2007

Over the course of the past two weeks, many residents have noticed what appears to be an odorous algae that has accumulated on the surface of the Wee Wah Lake.

Mayor Stebbins, The DPW, The Board of Trustees and the Environmental Committee are all aware of this issue. Richie Morrow brought up the algae matter at August’s Board of Trustees meeting and reported that they had decided not to use any chemical treatment in the Wee Wah or Pond until after the swimming season was over. At Mayor Stebbins’ request, Chris Yaeger, the Village water consultant, has collected samples of the suspected algae and sent them for testing.

Some longtime residents have indicated that they have seen this type of growth before when water levels in the Wee Wah have been low.

The algae situation does not seem to be affecting Tuxedo Lake.

We believe this matter will be discussed at the next Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday, September 19, 2007.

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