Village Board of Architectural Review Meeting December 18, 2007

The Board of Architectural Review met on December 18, 2007 at 7pm.

Board member Paola Tocci was not present.

The following Applications were discussed:

1. Monderer - Applicant applied for window changes, replacing two existing inoperable glass picture windows with authentic divided light casement windows and adding window trims to two other windows to match the existing ones on the house. The Board approved the application subject to receipt and review of manufacturer's cut sheets and notification of applicant’s neighbors.

2. Marcus - The applicant returned to hear BAR comments following the site visit, at which the staked proposed driveway, kitchen extension, garage extension, and pond were viewed. The Building Inspector and Village Engineer gave their comments and requests in regard to engineering, drainage and environmental issues. The BAR unanimously supported the kitchen extension and was generally supportive of the pond subject to the final design’s approval by the Village Engineer. However, concerns were expressed regarding the visibility of the garage door from public roads, and landscaping solutions were discussed with regard to landscaping and tree and site protection requirements for the new driveway. The applicant requested to separate out the kitchen extension from the rest of the application so structural plans can be prepared and voted on at the next meeting. The Board agreed.  Meanwhile the applicant will consider the Boards comments with regard to the garage, pond, driveway and landscaping.

3. Pompan - This was a new application for changes to the rear facade of the house through the addition of  windows, balconies and dormas. The Board was familiar with the house because of an earlier application that was approved, but the members unanimously felt that the concept as it stood lacked architectural coherence and would dilute the historical value of this 1904 Wilson Eyre designed carriage house once owned by Alfred Lee Loomis. The architect and owner's representative agreed to rethink the proposal accordingly.

4. Tuxedo Club - The Board reviewed structural plans for the screens designed to hide the kitchen fans. The Village Engineer and Board discussed their concerns that the proposed aesthetic treatment might have adverse sound impact by raising the dB(A) level above what was originally approved in 2006. The BAR requested on-site sound testing before and after installation of the screen. This testing will be conducted by a qualified acoustics engineer to be commissioned by the Village Engineer and managed by him. If the sound level is thus found to be higher than what was approved, the Club will pursue acoustical remedies. The applicant agreed to this process.

Following the applicant’s portion of the meeting, the Board discussed the Design Guide Lines draft. In light of past public concerns regarding this initiative, the BAR unanimously agreed to seek explicit support from the Board of Trustees for this project, before working on it any further.



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