Board of Architectural Review Meeting December 4, 2007

The Village Board of Architectural Review met on December 4, 2007 at 7pm. 

The following applications were discussed:

McCann – The applicant’s architect and contractor explained to the Board their desire to shorten the rear of the house in an effort to reduce the amount of site work required. The contractor reported that the rock is very hard and the drilling and hammering has disturbed some of the neighbors. Shortening the house will significantly reduce the amount of rock removal needed. The Board did not have any issues with these changes. It was agreed the Village Engineer will review plans to verify the drainage plan, as the architect indicated the size of the drainage system could be reduced. The shortening of the house was approved by the Board with the condition that the contractor must build the drainage system to the specifications of the Village Engineer.

Granito - Plans to change the configuration of the garage were reviewed. The Board asked several questions regarding the proposed window style and design. Notes on the plans included planting grass on the portion of the driveway that is to be abandoned, the length of the ridge vents, and decorative trim board. The project was approved by the Board.

Zgonena - The Building Inspector advised the Board that several variances are required with the proposed site plan. The architect reviewed those areas of the house that the applicant proposes to change. The Board discussed the new entrance, which is to be constructed at the roadside of the house. The architect was unsure if the  applicant plans to modify the garage at this time and was advised to speak with his client regarding changes to the garage, as it may be more time efficient to seek all the variances needed for the project at one time.

Monderer – The applicant’s architect, interior designer, and project manager were present. The plans include decorative trim details around windows designed to match those on the other parts of the house, which the Board reviewed. The Building Inspector had no comments as there is no structural or site work proposed. The Board agreed that a site visit is not required as the project is minor and a few of the members are familiar with the home. The project manager was advised to submit a Building Permit Application and return to the next available meeting for approval.

Following the applicant portion of the meeting, the Board discussed the following topics:

Site Plan Jurisdiction - The Board discussed possible legislation regarding splitting the site plan jurisdiction depending several criteria.

Certification of Fill - The Building Inspector had requested clarification as to what is certified clean fill.  Mrs. Tocci said that specifications do exist, and that an architect must be made to provide a written certification of clean fill before any fill enters the Village.  It was agreed that Paola Tocci, Village Engineer Carl Stone and John Ledwith Building Inspector, will work on a policy to address concerns regarding the importation of fill into the Village.



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