Village Board of Architectural Review Meeting November 20, 2007

The Board of Architectural Review [absent - Celeste Gebhardt] met at 7 PM. Of the original seven applicants on the initial agenda, only three appeared

At the November 6, 2007 BAR meeting, applicant Olderog was asked to present the Board with a materials specifications book, a landscaping plan, and a structural plan for converting an existing garage into a living area, a deck into a covered porch and a side-yard into a driveway. The specifications book and landscaping plan were presented. Provided that the Village Building Inspector is presented with a detailed structural plan which is also acceptable to the Village Engineer, (must properly demonstrate that the addition’s roof can serve as a second floor porch) the Board voted unanimously to approve the Applicant’s plans. The applicant initially appeared before the Board on September 4, 2007. Within this three-month period, the applicant also went to the BZA to obtain variances.

Applicant Tuxedo Club appeared before the Board to discuss revising the current landscaping plan to better hide the Club’s vent fans from public view.  All parties are in agreement that the current landscaping solution is definitely not working.  The Applicant proposed a ten foot high lattice type fence to screen the fans. The Building Inspector asked the applicant to file a new building application (which requires payment of a $50 fee, notification of nearby neighbors as defined and the filing of three sets of plans) regarding the proposed solution, which will be voted upon at the Board’s next meeting.

Applicant Dangoor made a first appearance to present concept plans for a new driveway. The current entrance to the applicant’s home is through a shared access driveway with a neighbor.  The applicant is proposing a totally separate driveway built completely on his own property. The Board requested the applicant stake out the proposed driveway, clearly marking all mature trees within eight feet left and right of the proposed driveway’s center line. Once this is completed, the Board, Building Inspector and Village Engineer will make a field trip to inspect the proposed driveway and provide the applicant with detailed comments. The applicant will also provide a current copy of the existing driveway easement for legal review and a site plan with bulk table for Code review by the Building Inspector.

The minutes for the October 16, 2007 meeting were approved. The Board reviewed the requirement that applicants desiring to build a stone wall construct a sample wall first, and unanimously agreed this has been an effective process for preventing bad walls. What applicants propose on paper for walls, often does not translate into a finished product. Sample walls solve this problem.

The meeting was adjourned at 8.37 PM.



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