Letter to the Editor | March 22, 2007
The following is a letter regarding the Village website, written by Mary Graetzer and read by her into the record of the February Board of Trustees meeting.

Once again, I would like to ask that this Board review the website policy. There are a couple of things that are disturbing me about the site.

First of all, I think the policy should reflect that before something is posted on the website, it should be approved by a majority of the Board and not just posted at the whim of one of you. Recently, I have to wonder about the wisdom of posting pictures of the racetrack dump in a area of the site accessible by literally anyone who happens to be surfing the www. Do we really want the world at large to know that we have a dump here in Tuxedo which might not meet DEC regulations? Whatever happened to the idea of having an area of the site be password protected for Village residents only? I have heard this idea thrown out several times and I notice there is presently a "password test page" but I'm not sure what that does…since I have never even been offered a password, I didn't see the need to fill out the "test." Until we have a password protected page up and running, I think it would be wise to consider that what is posted on the Village's page is currently akin to plastering it on the front page of the Times Herald Record or renting a billboard on Route 17…and then act accordingly.

Secondly, I am confused about the worth of what is posted on the site. I was present last month during the discussion of the proposed Design Guidelines and Standards. The Mayor stated that the document had been posted on the website. I was away for a while and when I returned and read the draft agenda for tonight's meeting, I went and downloaded what I thought would surely be the most current version of the proposed Design Guidelines and Standards. The cover page says it is version 4.1.

Imagine my surprise when I was discussing what I had read with someone who had gotten a copy of the document from the Village Office to discover that the version they were handing out, is not the same one I downloaded from the Village site. So I ask you…what is the purpose of offering things for downloading if there is a different and more current version that will be discussed and possibly acted on? I have often heard the Mayor or Deputy Mayor send up the disclaimer that if you want the "official" version of something, you have to get it from the Village Office. But, Gentlemen, I don't think you can have it both ways.

I know you all have a lot on your plates, but it seems to me that a review of the website policy is in order.

I ask that a copy of this statement be attached to the minutes.

Thank you.
Mary F. Graetzer

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