Village Board of Architectural Review, September 18, 2007

The Board of Architectural Review met on September 18 2007.

In their ongoing effort to make the BAR process more efficient and transparent, the BAR has assembled a packet of information titled IMPORTANT BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION AND CONSTRUCTION INFORMATION.  This packet contains a building permit application form along with pertinent information about everything from procedures and criteria of the BAR to how the BAR agenda is decided.  Also included in the packet are a Site Plan table and a notice highlighting sections of the Village Code pertaining to building permits and permitted work hours.  This packet can be obtained at the Village Office.

At the request of the BOT, the BAR held a discussion on the Village Fence law in an effort to establish thoughts and recommendations for the BOT to consider. 

The following conclusions were drawn from this discussion and will be passed along to the BOT:

  • The term Perimeter Fencing needs to be clearly redefined
  • Secondary fencing should be referred to as Deer Fencing, which is, in fact, what it is.
  • Clear and specific Guidelines for fencing need to be established
  • Fencing should be an issue for the Building Inspector with any necessary variances brought before the BZA. The BAR’s involvement should be restricted to material changes.
  • The Village should consider expanding the types of materials they will allow for fencing.

Finally, the following applications were approved:
Zgonena – Garage Doors
Flores – Siding house
Tuxedo Club - Landscaping






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