Racetrack Resolution | February 27, 2007
Last fall the Environmental Advisory and Village Improvement Advisory Committees formed a sub-committee to recommend options for closing the dump at the Racetrack and to recommend next steps to reclaim this beautiful and environmentally important area for the benefit of the Village residents. The report was presented at the Board of Trustees meeting on February 21 by the sub-committee and Trustees Darby and Parker, liaisons to the EAC and VIAC. See the detailed report here. Oliver Parker announced the arrangement he negotiated with Perfect Cut Tree Service which operates an organic recycling facility on Long Meadow Road. As a gesture of goodwill, Perfect Cut will begin cleanup operations, bringing the piles of leaves, brush and trees to the recycling facility, with the Village reimbursing just fuel and labor costs to a maximum of $20,000. This represents savings to the Village which spends more than that amount each year to hire a tub grinder operator to mulch the debris. Village residents and the DPW will be able to bring debris to the facility and to take composted mulch, free of charge.

The BOT passed a resolution to accept the sub-committee’s report and to enter into a contract with Perfect Cut as outlined by Trustee Parker. Kudos to the sub-committee members: Oliver Parker, Michele Lindsay, Alan Heywod and Eric Honor from VIAC and Larry Darby, Sheila Pompan, Sally Spooner and Caroline Roberts from EAC.

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