The BOT February 21! | February 21, 2007
The faithful group of concerned citizens will once again be watching carefully at the next Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday, February 21. Several items on the Agenda could have sweeping negative consequences for Village.
  • A 58-page set of Design Guidelines with which residents will have to comply when planning improvements to their homes and landscape, or when planning new construction. (See So Much for Open Government)
  • The potential sale of land designated and dedicated to the Village as parkland.

The Village Improvement Advisory (VIAC) and Environment Advisory (EAC) Committees will finally have their opportunity to present their definitive report on the Racetrack at the February 21 meeting. Building on work done by the Beautification and the Racetrack Revitalization Committees, the report examines the plans and alternatives available to the Village for closing “the dump” and entering the next phase for renewal of this public space. TPfyi will post the report once it has been presented to the BOT.