Town Planning Board Special Workshop on Tuxedo Reserve
December 6, 2007

The Town of Tuxedo Planning Board met on Thursday, December 6 at 7:30pm.

The purpose of the meeting this special workshop was to hear from their consultants regarding concerns over the road grades and sight distances in phase one of the Tuxedo Reserve Project, Northridge.  As previously reported, there was a disagreement between the applicant’s Engineers and the Town Consultants with regard to the grade of the roads  through some of the intersections, which exceeded street grade limitations and sight distances and did not meet the Town of Tuxedo Standards as previously approved.

The Town's consultants and engineers for Tuxedo Reserve were able to reach a compromise solution.  While the solution does not meet the former standards set by the consultants, it is apparently made safer by the rearranging of some tree plantings, which will improve line of sight distances at intersections.  In addition, the applicant will no longer have to lower the part of the road so as to put it below the level of an Army Corps of Engineers wetland that would adversely effect drainage into the wetland.

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