Town Board Meeting, September 10, 2007

At the September 10th Town Board meeting, 3 representatives from Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc., who operate the Indian Point nuclear plant, gave a presentation regarding installation of a Public Alert System Siren in Town. They explained that a part of our Town (that area located on the east side of the Thruway) is located in their Emergency Planning Zone. The siren would emit a sound alerting one to tune into the Emergency Broadcast System for further information should there a problem at Indian Point. The Town Board indicated that they would be interested in a siren that could be heard all over the town and not just in that section of the East Village which lies in the Emergency Planning Zone. Entergy has proposed locating the siren at The Lucky Recreation Site and there was some discussion about whether or not that was the best place. It was agreed that Supervisor Dolan and others would meet with representatives from Entergy to work out a solution.

Supervisor Dolan also reported that a new pavilion is being built at the Eagle Valley ballfield and will be in place for Family Fun Day on October 6th. He also said that work has finally begun on the Railroad Station although they are taking it slowly.

In other business, the Town appointed 2 new part time Police Dispatchers and reluctantly accepted the resignation of Laurie Sanford, Recreation Director, who is expecting a baby in February.

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