Peter Dolan, Supervisor
Tuxedo Town Hall
One Temple Drive
Tuxedo, New York 10987

Dear Supervisor Dolan:

We in the New York Highlands Coalition believe that the proposed Tuxedo Reserve development does not meet the standards spelled out in the 2004 Highlands Act, which calls for conserving priority lands and natural resources in the Highlands region. We believe that this proposed development does not “recognize the importance of the water, forest, agricultural, wildlife, recreational, and cultural resources of the Highlands region.” The Act states that the Highlands region holds national significance to the United States. This development will work against the purposes of the Act.

The New York Committee of the Highlands Coalition is a group of more than 50 non-profit environmental and community organizations. Our purpose is to protect the high priority conservation land in the Highlands, and, as the Act calls for, to “continue the ongoing Forest Service programs in the Highlands region to assist the Highlands States, local units of government, and private forest and farm landowners in the conservation of land and natural resources in the Highlands region.”

We believe that the standards spelled out under the Act have not been honored in this project. The best use of this land would be for land owners and local officials to seek preservation of this property, thus avoiding the segmentation and further fragmentation of a valuable section of the Highlands.

Andrew T. Chmar
Co-Chair, NYS Committee

cc: Senator Charles Schumer,
Senator Kirsten Gillebrand,
Representative Elliot Engel
Governor David Patterson
Commissioner Peter Grannis
Commissioner Carol Ash
County Exec Edward Diana

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