A summary of the Mayor of Tuxedo Park’s remarks at the October 26th Public Hearing on Tuxedo Reserve follows:

Protect Tuxedo Lake from the Impact of Tuxedo Reserve

  • Our concerns involve protecting the Lake’s water shed and aquifers, and maintaining the status quo on a continuous basis during the development of Tuxedo Reserve and thereafter.
  • In addition, we must safeguard Tuxedo Lake’s substrata aquifer and water quality from blasting and new sources of pollution before they impact the lake and threaten the community’s supply of drinking water.
  • We seek to control storm water flows and avoid outcomes that could give NYSDEC cause to increase the Tuxedo Lake Dam's classification due to their concern about increased storm water runoff entering Tuxedo Lake from Tuxedo Reserve.
  • The Village respectfully requests that new language be added to the Amended Permit that will establish necessary requirements and conditions to protect Tuxedo Lake.
  • Specifically, the Amended Permit should:
    1. Protect and preserve Tuxedo Lake both quantitatively as a dam during extreme rain events of 150% of a 100-year storm from adverse storm water run off and qualitatively as an aquifer and sole source reservoir.
    2. Require mutually agreed engineering solutions to nullify storm water run off, pollution and blasting.
    3. Require a comprehensive water shed analysis report to be undertaken now to establish a pre-development baseline of present conditions.
    4. Require monitoring of the project site to determine the effects of the on-going development and comparisons with the baseline report to determine any increase in adverse quantitative or qualitative effects on Tuxedo Lake.
    5. Mandate that any actual adverse effects on Tuxedo Lake shall be mitigated promptly and any damages incurred to be fully compensated.

Town Wide Tax Burdens and Tuxedo Reserve’s Economic Benefits

  • Residents complain about burdensome taxes. The major contributor to the growth in taxes over the past ten years has been school taxes.
  • The Town Board would be well served to engage the services of a specialist firm to help it make an independent assessment of the many critical issues presented in this Amended Permit, particularly a fiscal analysis.
  • The forecasted positive tax benefits of this development should be carefully studied and protected by the developer in the Amended Permit, for example through contingent cash payments, since the actual experience of many other communities, similarly situated to Tuxedo today, has been the realization of a significant Town wide negative tax impact.

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