To : Tuxedo Town Supervisor and Council
Re : Amended Tuxedo Reserve Permit Public Hearing
October 26, 2009
Comments submitted by Gary Pompan- 30 East lake Stable Rd. Tuxedo Park Ny

I have been a resident of Tuxedo for 9 years. I applaud the work of this Council and its Committees, and that of the prior Council in working hard to implement a plan of development for Tuxedo.

Since moving to Tuxedo in 2000 there has in fact not been any development to help grow the Town and make it the more vibrant community it has the potential to be. We are strategically situated in Orange County next to Rockland County, a stones’ throw away to Westchester and very commutable to Manhattan.

After much effort the 2004 Permit presented a viable agreed plan for development. 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 etc. no ground was broken. WHY- there must be a reason.In one of the most prosperous periods of development in our country – nothing happened.

Now in 2009, after a fall from grace – which no one really anticipated. And in one of the most turbulent and uncertain economic times- You, We the Town of Tuxedo are faced with modifying a long sought after and negotiated permit and plan for development.

As I said from the outset I am in favor of development – BUT it must be prudent, well thought through and “economically “ positive to our community.

What will we get from agreeing to the modifications, and effectively giving up any negotiating position in these uncertain economic times.

  • Will the Town get its much needed sewer treatment plant.
  • Will the Town in fact get a higher tax assessment on the to be developed property.
  • Will this project save our school or will it become a burden for generations to come.

And once said and done what will be the Tax impact to the residents of Tuxedo.

I ask this Council to be able to answer these questions. If there is any any hesitation –then lets do the prudent and businesslike thing and be assured WE are getting something for the modifications being requested.

If this project is worth doing- it will be done. If the Related Company is confident in what they have presented to the Council and Town and this will make the project “shovel ready” then their agreeing and assuring the Town and its residents of a Sewer Plant, and some say in the Tax economics of the plan should not be an issue.

We all know the Tax positive/negative nature of such a project is like gazing into a crystal ball. Smart people on both sides can make computations and develop projections. I have been a Tax lawyer and and accountant for over 30 years specializing in transactions and know this from experience.

The reality sets in when the homes are built, there is a marketing effort and the “Buyers” actually arrive.

The same is true of estimating the number of school children and the impact that will have.

A viable school for a community is a positive. But does it become a runaway train of costs. NY State overall is notorious for its high school tax costs.

What this thus dictates is a “phased approach” of approvals by this council. This is the prudent and wise business approach.

The Tax cost will also without a doubt will be a factor in the success of age restricted housing. People on fixed incomes will view the “Tax Cost” as one of their number 1 budget considerations.

In closing – I thank you for your time- your commitment to the community- and most importantly considering and understanding the impact of your actions today for the many years to come.

As I have been told by wise business men , and have witnessed- A ”Good Deal” will always get done. But to be GOOD it needs to be good for everyone.

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